That can't be right........

I had to flip the calendar today to May. 


It may be May on the calendar, but it feels more like April 10th.  How can I be mentally almost a month behind?!?!?

As if Facebook, Blogger, Club Pogo and Ravelry weren't enough to suck up any downtime I have, I finally got signed into Pinterest.  I've been trying to get an invite emailed out to me but it just never seemed to work.  Then I asked Dee for an invite and within 5 min I was on.  Hmmmmmm, I find it a bit overwhelming, but I'm sure with some quality time spent going thru it all, I'll figure it out. 

Since I still dont have a complete computer I thought I would play  On This Day in History.  I went to 2009 because Baby Girl will be going to her first overnight field trip to SeaWorld, the same one #1 Son went on 3 years ago.  However I cant find any pics of the trip.  None on the blog anyway. 

So instead I'll post a sweater that was made at that time but is now way too small.

A sweater for Baby Girl.........

from this post.  That sweater is big and loose on her there.  Not so much anymore.  I can't keep up with how fast both kids are growing.  #1 Son's foot is almost a 10 mens and Baby Girl now wears a 7 womens.  She is getting close to my size!!!  A 9!!!   However I see this as a win/win.  She can borrow mine if I can borrow hers!


Anonymous said…
Welcome to Pinterest --- a new time suck we probably didn't need, eh????
Linda said…
Your daughter is adorable. What a cute pic. AND, I still think your April 27 kitty pic is just the cutest one I've ever seen anywhere.


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