Thursday in the Garden

The good news????  Nothing's died yet.  Woohoo!!!

Actually things are moving along well.  My petunias are blooming in every container.

The geraniums are starting to bloom as well. 

The vinca are doing well.  In fact I didnt notice at first but there are not only hot pink and white in this container, but light pink as well!!! 


With all the watering going on, my azalea bush that I thought had seen better days is actually blooming!

It's still really scraggly but I've got flowers! 

The impatiens only have one bloom

but there are SO many ready to pop, this container should be full of flowers by the wknd.

The biggest surprise?  My tomato plants.  I'm doing a before and after because it's amazing the difference.

TP#1  before

and after

TP#2 before

and after.

This has already reached the top of the cage!!!!  The blooms from last week fell off, really no surprise because they were there before I planted them, but I've got a couple of new ones already starting to come up. 

The only problem with all the watering is that all the dormant weeds and stray runner blades of grass are starting to pop up.  Next week will be a week of clearing out the weeds and *maybe* putting down a layer of mulch, if for no other reason than to make it look nicer.

We did have a couple of scares, two of my mexican petunias looked like they were going to die, but after a couple of days of double watering, they seem to be doing much better. 

Will my plants continue to progress?  Or will (insert animal here) decide to dig a couple of them up??  Stay tuned for the next episode of  

*insert Don Pardo's voice here with dramatic music* 

Thursday in the Garden. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said…
Aren't petunias wonderful. They bloom and bloom, and keep on blooming. I love them.

A little secret that will help your azaleas. After they have finished blooming, cut them all the way back, to about 4-6". They will branch out and double their thickness in no time. Then, again next year, do the same, until they are as thick as you want them.

Azaleas are one of those shrubs that really benefit from a very harsh pruning when they get too leggy. Next year they will be twice as lovely, if you care for them right, and feed them occasionally. :)
Anonymous said…
So much pretty pink!!!!
Linda said…
Everything looks great Lynn. And wow, those tomatoe plants are amazing. I will post pics of are yard in a few days.


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