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Half way thru.......

June will be over in a few hours which means we will be half way thru 2012.

So, is it all you'd hoped it would be????

One thing I'm finding out is that I need to start slowing down a bit.  This year has literally been a blur and if it wasnt for the pictures that I take, I'd forget most of what's gone on.  June has been filled with school activites just before it ended, two different school camps, a cooking class for the kids, Disney twice, tropical storms that can't make up its mind as to where to go, tomatoes growing in the front yard

and a snake in my bathroom that Hemi brought in. 

Baby Girl went to grab it and it took off, yep, into my closet.  Thankfully it had been cleaned out after that mouse fiasco, but I still had to pull everything out to find it.  

Meanwhile I have a road trip that is coming up very soon and that means lots of finalizing of plans.  This is hard to do when you have an IO that keeps changing his mind abt things.  We've had to cut ou…

He's HERE!

Elliot Grey has come into this world yesterday around 6pm. 

He didnt want to come out even though he broke his swimming pool that he'd been hanging out in for 9+ months so after 36 hours of labor (my poor sil) they finally decided to do a c-sec.  Baby came out at 6lbs 11oz and 20" long.  Mom and baby are doing fine.  The mom even took the time to answer one of my texts to her!!  Already multi tasking so she's gonna make a great mom!!!  Looking forward to seeing the family soon.

Guess this means I need to finish up the sweater and socks huh?????  I still havent touched the sweater but I have abt 2" of the sock left to do before I start toe decreases.  I'll probably work a bit more on it tonight and finish it off tomorrow.  I NEED to finish this sweater in the next couple of days or it's just not gonna get done before we see them.  I'm hoping its not going to be too big.  My kids were both 9lbs+ when they were born so I'm not sure if my knits will swim…

A Tale of Indecision

Last night it was this

tonight it was this

Yesterday was all abt the rain, today it was the wind.  It was gusty today!  My garbage cans were all over my front yard.  Granted they were in front of the garage at the time but I was still surprised to see how far they'd gone.  I finally put them on the side of the house. 

My favorite map??  The spaghetti model.

Apparently the computers still can't decide what it's gonna do........

Whatever the case, Debby is gonna be around for awhile.  

Apparently thru the weekend.  I might need to buy some galoshes if this keeps up!

A Bit Water Logged

Normally when it rains in Florida you just need to give it a few minutes and it goes away.  However when there is a tropical storm named Debbie in the Gulf, then you feel like you are living in the Pacific Northwest.  It has literally rained all day.  The crazy thing is?  I dont mind it.  If it was like this all the time it would get old, but I'm actually looking forward to the next couple of days of solid rain.  

I know, I'm weird.  And probably the only one in Florida who feels this way, but I dont care.  I'm enjoying not being baked by the sun and letting nature take care of the plants outside.  It is making the cats a bit nuts.  I do keep a box of kitty litter in the laundry room for those times they can't or won't go outside, but Princess  does not like using it.  Hemi will use the box, or a pile of dirty clothes.  Guess which he chose today??  Lucy will come inside to use the box and then go back out. 

Cats are weird.

And so is this storm!  One day it was s…

I'm Getting There........

First you start with a jumble of knitted pieces.

Then you attach the shoulders,

pick up 130+ stitches

and finish the ribbing.

Now you take a break.  Tomorrow the sleeves and sides will be done.  Then the hunt for buttons begins.  I'm pretty sure I have some decent ones in my bin.  I only need four of them.  If not, then I'm off to JoAnn's for a looksie.

Meanwhile Hemi says:

Who needs a lap when I've got warm towels to sleep in?

Florida Weather

We are definitely in the throws of summer.  The real temp has been hovering in the low 90s, but the heat index has been in the triple digits.  Yesterday it felt like 105.  I just checked today and it feels like 113.  I dont care that it's not the heat, it's the humidity.  It's too darn hot!!!!! 

The garden has been suffering as well.  It's too hot to do much outside so I dont.  We have been getting rain in the afternoon or evening, but sometimes it's not enough.  I went out last night to water but had to come back inside when it started to thunder.  You dont want to play in water when it's thundering outside.  I've lost some plants, others are still alive but not flowering.  The petunias are still going, but struggling.  What's doing well??

My impatiens.  This pic doesnt really convey how well they are doing.  They live under my oak tree in the front yard and even though it's in a container, I havent had to water them.  The IO moves them around the…

Now Comes the Hard Part.......

All of the pieces are DONE!  Just bound off the sleeves tonight.  Now I need to make this mess into a sweater not only good enough for a baby to wear, but decent enough to give as a gift........

Here goes nothing.

I found it!!

I found the bag of yarn I was missing 5 min after I posted abt it!!!  Isnt that the way......  Anyway I was able to start the sleeves and I'm almost 1/2 way done with them.

Hard to tell since it curls so much but I'm getting close to finishing them.  And yes I do both sleeves at the same time.  Only way I can get them done.  Once I get all the pieces done, then it's off to attaching them all.  My LEAST favorite part.  This explains my love for socks.  Once you're done, you're done.

Summer Break

The one bad thing abt organizing for me is not being able to find things I need.  I remember which pile held which yarn, but when I put it away I cant seem to find it again.  This seems to be the problem I'm having right now with the yarn I'm using for Elliot's sweater.  I've finished the back and both fronts and WAS going to start the sleeves yesterday, but I cant' find the yarn.  I have no idea where it is either.  I looked where I originally kept it, but it's not there.  Then I looked into all the areas that I MIGHT have put it, but nada.  I'll end up finding it when I'm looking for something else, but it's a pain because I REALLY wanted to work on the sleeves.

However I DO have one sock done

AND I know where the rest of the yarn is for the 2nd sock so WOOHOO for me!!!

I've also worked some more on my afghan squares, one more to do before I finish up these two skeins.  (and I know where the rest of that yarn is too)

Now that school is out, I&…

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today:

Outside my window:  It rained on and off this afternoon.  You can tell it's summer by all the afternoon storms we are getting. 

I am thankful:  that it rained and I didn't have to water the plants.

In the kitchen:  nothing.  I have been wanting to make cookies for the past week to bring in to school.  Since tomorrow is their last day and I dont plan on making them first thing in the AM, it ain't gonna happen.  I had both kids bring in chips and salsa for their parties today.

I am wearing:  jammies.  I've been in them since 6pm. 

I am creating:  I finished one of Elliot's socks.  I really should be working on his sweater, but I'm not in the right frame of mind for it.   Instead I'm working on my afghan.

I am going:  to bed soon.  I'm really wiped out.

I am wondering:  what I'm going to do after our road trip to keep the kids occupied this summer.  I think I need to find a good deal on an above ground pool.......

I am reading:Castle Fan Fiction. …

Feline Friday

I usually caption these pics but I think I'll let you guys do this one.  What do you think Hemi is thinking/getting ready to do???