A Bit Water Logged

Normally when it rains in Florida you just need to give it a few minutes and it goes away.  However when there is a tropical storm named Debbie in the Gulf, then you feel like you are living in the Pacific Northwest.  It has literally rained all day.  The crazy thing is?  I dont mind it.  If it was like this all the time it would get old, but I'm actually looking forward to the next couple of days of solid rain.  

I know, I'm weird.  And probably the only one in Florida who feels this way, but I dont care.  I'm enjoying not being baked by the sun and letting nature take care of the plants outside.  It is making the cats a bit nuts.  I do keep a box of kitty litter in the laundry room for those times they can't or won't go outside, but Princess  does not like using it.  Hemi will use the box, or a pile of dirty clothes.  Guess which he chose today??  Lucy will come inside to use the box and then go back out. 

Cats are weird.

And so is this storm!  One day it was supposed to head west toward Mexico with one little spaghetti model showing it go right over Orlando.  The next day it has most models going over Florida with a couple heading for Mexico and Texas.  Yesterday it was back toward Louisiana and Texas then last night it was all over Florida.  This is what it's been doing all along and I think they've finally got it right.

This is where the eye of the storm is being tracked, however the majority of the rain is over Florida.  Hence the entire day of moisure falling from the sky.  Wonder what they'll say tomorrow......

Meanwhile, I double checked to see when the last time I posted was and it's been over a week!!!  WOW!!!  I posted the putting together of the baby sweater.  I have done a bit more.

I attached the sleeve.  WOOHOO!!!!  I REALLY dont like seaming up sweaters.  I'm not very good at it and it looks homemade instead of hand crafted.  See?

I still plan on giving it to the mom to be.  Her due date is now, but I havent heard anything yet.  Poor thing, she's got to be miserable.  You usually are this late in the game.

I only have the other side to seam up but I SO hate this part of the process.  So I'm working on the baby sock right??  Wrong!  I'm still on the cuff.  There are only 2.5"  of 44 stitches for this cuff and I'm still not done with it.  I really need to kick it into gear and just get it done.  I'm not enjoying any of it anymore and want to start a new project but since this kid  is due TOMORROW I really need to focus on getting it done.  I'm hoping that once it's all done and I block it, the stitches won't be so wonky.

School has been out for two weeks, but it only feels like it's abt to start tomorrow.  Between day camps for both kids, i'm still running around back and forth to the school, but I've got one kid at home which throws off my schedule.  Thankfully tomorrow NOBODY has to wake up early to go to school/camp/work.  Ok maybe the IO does, but I dont count him.  Somebody's gotta make some money! 


kathy b said…
let your summer begin!! I love to sleep in!! It was so looked forward to in summer at our house. NO alarms going off.

Love your sweater.

The rain is coming down in buckets in fla,---- Tom Skilling our weather forecaster just now said on the TV.

Stay dry! enjoy the rain.
Susan said…
I was wondering how you were doing in the hurricane. Glad to hear that everything is okay.

I hate seaming knitting too.

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