Florida Weather

We are definitely in the throws of summer.  The real temp has been hovering in the low 90s, but the heat index has been in the triple digits.  Yesterday it felt like 105.  I just checked today and it feels like 113.  I dont care that it's not the heat, it's the humidity.  It's too darn hot!!!!! 

The garden has been suffering as well.  It's too hot to do much outside so I dont.  We have been getting rain in the afternoon or evening, but sometimes it's not enough.  I went out last night to water but had to come back inside when it started to thunder.  You dont want to play in water when it's thundering outside.  I've lost some plants, others are still alive but not flowering.  The petunias are still going, but struggling.  What's doing well??

My impatiens.  This pic doesnt really convey how well they are doing.  They live under my oak tree in the front yard and even though it's in a container, I havent had to water them.  The IO moves them around the tree as he mows, but that's the most attention they get. 

My tomatoes are doing ok as well.  Here are my Better Boys.

The bottom two will be picked soon.  I'm really looking forward to eating them!!!  I may need to get some basil and mozzarella cheese for a caprese salad.

My other unknown tomato plant is alive but I'm not sure abt the tomatoes.

They are really weird looking and are supposed to be a bit purple when ripe.   I keep having to reposition the stalks because it is SO thick and large!   We'll see what I end up with.

Meanwhile I am in my dark bedroom with the a/c blaring.  I am not looking forward to my electric bill for the next three months.........


Anonymous said…
We're only in June and I am SO tired of the heat! :-(
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. I cried all winter bc I was cold and now I'm scraming bc its so damn hot. My bad, bad hubby got a little 8 -9 wk old calico girl kitten toady. Hes she is his. I hope so. I have enough that pester me. lol

kathy b said…
oh Honey I hear you. Its hot and humid out in Chi town and gonna get hotter. At least the porch cools down in the evening. But I'll be in the A/C more than out and about in the coming week.
I like it hot for swimming though....
I like summer to be summer and this is it!

Ours has been unbelievably dry too.....we need your thunder and rain...please send some

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