Half way thru.......

June will be over in a few hours which means we will be half way thru 2012.

So, is it all you'd hoped it would be????

One thing I'm finding out is that I need to start slowing down a bit.  This year has literally been a blur and if it wasnt for the pictures that I take, I'd forget most of what's gone on.  June has been filled with school activites just before it ended, two different school camps, a cooking class for the kids, Disney twice, tropical storms that can't make up its mind as to where to go, tomatoes growing in the front yard
These were supposed to be purple, but they are green instead.  They looked a bit weird but they were YUMMY!

and a snake in my bathroom that Hemi brought in. 

Baby Girl went to grab it and it took off, yep, into my closet.  Thankfully it had been cleaned out after that mouse fiasco, but I still had to pull everything out to find it.  

Meanwhile I have a road trip that is coming up very soon and that means lots of finalizing of plans.  This is hard to do when you have an IO that keeps changing his mind abt things.  We've had to cut out certain things which has shortened the trip a bit, but we are still going to be gone for a couple of weeks and it's still gonna be fun!

I do have something finished before this trip, Elliot's socks.

I made these from leftover malabrigo yarn which means they are really soft and sproingy.  Perfect for little feet.  I'm glad I made them big because with the way the weather has been going, he wont need them for a long time!

Once I finish seaming the sweater (which I REALLY have to do)  I plan on making #1 Son a pair of socks.  I had pulled out some orange yarn for him that he agreed to, but I also know he likes blue so I pulled out some other yarn for him.  He said, ok, but then he saw my leftover sock yarns and he started pulling from that pile.  This is what he picked out.

It's a crazy line up but I KNOW he'll wear them!


Linda said…
Hi Lynn. I haven't been on here too much this last week. My index finger on on left hand on the palm has a callous/blister/etc. and I can hardly do anythins let alone much stitching. I can't bend the finger.
I decided that Hemi should not come for a visit if he brings you THOSE kind of presents. lol
Have fun on vacation.

kathy b said…
Hi Lynn. I LOVE the colors your son choose. THey will be awesome
Have a fabulous trip.
Mmm those tomatoes look wonderful.
Chris said…
Oh, how thoughtful of Hemi to bring you a present! ;)
Susan said…
Oooh, a snake - yuck! But fresh tomatoes look wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Wow, it has been a busy time for you. The socks came out great, and I'm sure that the day will come when Eliot will be glad to have them.

Now I see what you meant when you said your son's next pair are going to be crazy. Well, I guess it doesn't matter all that much what colors they are, as long as they are soft and comfy on the feet, as I know they will be.

Congratulations on those tomatoes. I wish mine were ripen enough to eat, but right now they are only about golf ball size or smaller. But by the 1st of August, I should be enjoying them. :) For now I'm pigging out on all the fresh radishes that continue to keep growing. :)
Anonymous said…
Man,EVERYBODY is having snake issues lately. I don't even have a cat to blame mine on.

I love that Billy will wear your wild socks. That is SO cool!

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