I'm Getting There........

First you start with a jumble of knitted pieces.

Then you attach the shoulders,

pick up 130+ stitches

and finish the ribbing.

Now you take a break.  Tomorrow the sleeves and sides will be done.  Then the hunt for buttons begins.  I'm pretty sure I have some decent ones in my bin.  I only need four of them.  If not, then I'm off to JoAnn's for a looksie.

Meanwhile Hemi says:

Who needs a lap when I've got warm towels to sleep in?


Linda said…
The sweater is looking good Lynn. Hemi is such a sweety. I love his from paws. My very bad hubby brought home a 9 wk old calico kitten yesterday. She is a cutie.

Vivian said…
Yep, that's how we put together a sweater. Hope you are surviving the heat! (ha! the Heat just won last night, if you are rooting for them.)

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