Summer Break

The one bad thing abt organizing for me is not being able to find things I need.  I remember which pile held which yarn, but when I put it away I cant seem to find it again.  This seems to be the problem I'm having right now with the yarn I'm using for Elliot's sweater.  I've finished the back and both fronts and WAS going to start the sleeves yesterday, but I cant' find the yarn.  I have no idea where it is either.  I looked where I originally kept it, but it's not there.  Then I looked into all the areas that I MIGHT have put it, but nada.  I'll end up finding it when I'm looking for something else, but it's a pain because I REALLY wanted to work on the sleeves.

However I DO have one sock done

AND I know where the rest of the yarn is for the 2nd sock so WOOHOO for me!!!

I've also worked some more on my afghan squares, one more to do before I finish up these two skeins.  (and I know where the rest of that yarn is too)

Now that school is out, I'm hoping that I'll be getting more projects done.  And that I'm not as delusional as I think I'm being.  My high hopes always start when school is over and then when school starts back up again. 

I'll reread this again when school starts back up and quietly chuckle at my thoughts that I've typed right now........


Linda said…
Great looking sock Lynn. You sound like me. If I put it away, I'll find it 6 months later, if I'm lucky. I posted some pics of my front yard. If you have a chance, take a peek.

Linda said…
oohhh, I hate it when that happens..can't find something you put in a specific spot because you knew you'd remember where it was! For me....I call it a Senior brain fart! Sure hope you come across your yarn soon. Enjoy the summer and all your projects!
Anonymous said…
Nice looking sock! I'm sure they will be well loved, when they are done. Are these for you, or your son?

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