It's done!!!

What a great little sweater this turned out to be! I'll post details later, dont have the time now but I wanted to share the picture. I made a matching hat.

 It seems a bit big, especially for this little peanut, but the brim can be folded up and it still looks cute.

I see Elliot Saturday so this was done in the nick of time. 

More pics to come as we meet this little guy!!!


Anonymous said…
A little big means he gets to wear it longer.

Cute job on both.
Vivian said…
Very cute! I was listening to a knitting podcast the other day and it was all about baby sweaters and toys. Now I want to knit some baby sweaters too!
Zonda said…
Cute little hat and sweater :)
Susan said…
It turned out great!
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Congrats on the finishes. Both are adorable. I can't work on anything. I got a really bad infection in my arm and have been in bed.

kathy b said…
It came out so so adorableA,

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