Gotta Add Some Fiber

When we went to visit my new nephew, my knits were very well received.  However Elliot is such a peanut

that the size 6 months sweater will be floating on him this winter and the hat will probably fit him NEXT winter.  But better too big than too small.

While there, my other nephew held up a mitten and asked if they were the crazy socks I made for his cousin.  I said no, and showed him the pair I did make (Delaney brought them down to show me).  I asked him if he would like a pair and the look on his face was priceless!  PS I now have drawings of feet to make him a pair of socks, his sister a pair of socks and Delaney has requested a THIRD pair of socks!!  I told her that since she already had two pairs she would have to wait a bit.  I told him he'd get them by Thanksgiving when his new sister is born

(yep I'll be knitting for that little one as well) and like a true negotiator he says "or maybe sooner".  Guess I'll be casting on for those soon.

Meanwhile I started #1 Son's crazy socks.

I'm not really sure what to think of them.  The heel and foot blends nicely but the cuff just doesn't look right with the rest of it.  He says he still likes them, but the ultimate test will be this winter. 


Part of the trip took us out to the Eastern End of Long Island.  AKA The Hamptons.  This is where the rich ppl summer and the poor ppl live.  I'm visiting family that still live there so count me among the poor ppl.  How do I know this??  As I'm driving thru Main Street Southampton, 99% of the cars are 2yrs old or newer and they are Mercedes Benz, Ferraris, BMWs, Porsches, etc.  Meanwhile I'm driving around with my 10+yr old Honda van with a dent on the side!!   As Dee said, I'm just keeping it real!  My favorite of the cars we saw?  A vintage pale yellow Rolls Royce.

Oh and this one.

It's parked on my in-laws property.  A friend of theirs is trying to sell it, but so far no bites.  It needs a LOT of work, but I loved it.  Nothing like the classics.


Before we left the island, the IO told me abt a quilt show in the Old Water Mill.  There were no vendors, just beautiful quilts hanging up.  Some were very old
1900 Drunkard's Path for sale $1000

1880 Postage Stamp for sale $495

while others were *dated*
Remember these???  Made in 2001 and selling for $385

but they were all fun to look at. 


There aren't many yarn and quilting shops in the area.  Hildreth's has a section of yarn and fabric (which I've bought from in the past) but nothing called out my name.  Other shops you need to make an appt for (preferably with your nose in the air).   However there is one shop in the area that has been there for years.  It's Rainbow Yarns.  They used to be a cross stitch store back in the day, but eventually added yarns as they grew popular.  They dont have much of a selection, but they did have sock yarn and since I like to help the independant shop owner when I can, this came home with me.

It's a nice yarn and a color, Earth,  I dont already have.  Cherry Tree Hill seems to be a staple for shops with a side of yarn. 

Now that I have new yarn AND new ppl to knit for, what did I decide to work on??

A kitty blanket.  I need a break from the tiny needles.  This is on size 10 needles and I'm using a black Simply Soft yarn paired with some old discontinued Sassy Stripes.  The black isnt as hard to knit with as I expected.  Then again I may be blind by the time it's finished.......


Linda said…
Great pics Lynn. That little peanut is adorable.

Anonymous said…
Cute baby! Lots of new babies in "my circle" this year.
Susan said…
What a little sweetie!

Looks like you had a great trip!
kathy b said…
OH when little ones want hand knits it is so sweet!!!!

YOu have lots of knitting to do!

I have always wanted to use Cherry Tree hill. let us know how it knits up.

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