It's always the odd stuff......

Since the IO got back from NY he's felt bad.  He had a headache that went from the top of his head to the base of his neck making it feel a bit stiff (me-meningitis?  him -  no, or else I'd be dead by now),  pain on the left side of his body including tingling in his arm (me-um, heart attack?!!?   him - no, I dont feel the pressure on my chest) and a weird rash on his back.  Since he has lyme disease already and we just got back from NY, he assumed it was another bout with lyme.  I had my doubts since these symptons were different.  He finally went to the ER this past Saturday morning and after a CAT scan the dr decided that he was on the verge of pancreatitis.  His pancreas was inflamed but he didnt think it was *quite* to the -itis stage.  He's sent home with the instructions of drink plenty of fluids and cut out the alcohol.  Still under the effects of percoset, he's feeling better and hungry so he eats a ham sandwich.  Now he's doubled over in pain again. 

A call to the ER informs me that not only is he NOT to have ANYTHING but clear fluids (not even apple sauce) but nobody gave him the prescriptions for pain meds and anti-nausea. 

He's just happy he didn't eat the Doritos.

Meanwhile the rash is still there and a bit bigger.  After a trip to his dr on Monday, she added shingles to the medical chart.  Once I heard that and saw the symptoms (rash, headache that wont go away, pain on one side of body, etc) I knew this was the right diagnosis.  It explains why he's feeling SO bad.  Poor guy. He tried going to work today, but only lasted 1/2 day.  This is really bad timing since he's only been at this job for a couple of months and he's already taken time for a week of vacation and now he's sick. 

That's the one thing with the IO, he never gets anything normal, it's always the weird stuff!

So with trying to unpack (still not finished) and running around getting meds and making phone calls and trying to get organized for school (that starts in less that 3 weeks AND I have my school calendar all set to go!), not much knitting has been happening.  I did finish one odd ball sock for #1 Son.

I still can't decide how I feel abt it but he loves it and has already worn it!  That's a good sign.  Here is the next bag of sock yarn to start his next one with.

I did start my nephew's sock

I'm abt 4 rows in, got it started so that it's an easy knit when I get the chance.  I've also knit a few rows on the kitty blanket and actually pulled out the squares for my ppl blanket and added a couple of rows to that as well.  I've been really brain dead by the time I sit down to knit.  Plus I usually knit when I'm watching TV, but it's hard to watch the Olympics and knit at the same time.

Speaking of the Olympics, anybody else watching?  The men's gymnastics team is disappointing me.  Not sure how I feel abt the women's yet.  Still love Michal Phelps but he is done.  He is still rockin' the pool but you can tell he doesnt have the same edge  he did 4 years ago. 

And sychronized diving is just awesome to watch!

What abt you?  If you watch, which is your favorite sport to follow?


Susan said…
Your poor hubby! Shingles is not pleasant and can last a long time.

Those socks are weird enough to please a teenager for sure! That was a great idea!

I haven't had time to watch much of the Olympics yet but I always enjoy the gymnastics and diving.
Anonymous said…
I was watching, but I can't stand the commentators. Phelps' head just isn't in the game at all.

As for the rest of it ... meh!
Linda said…
So sorry to hear your hubby has shingles! Yikes! Here's praying that he's over it quickly. You certainly have a full plate, Lynn. Thank goodness for knitting and the olympics to give you a much needed mental and physical rest, for a little bit anyway. Wishing you health and strength through this ordeal. (Love that sock, btw)
Lifesastitch said…
I've had shingles, too. I hope he got the meds within the 72 hours, I hear it really helps. I thought mine were stinging nettles and didn't get the meds. Oh well it wasn't too bad a case. My son had them at 16 and the first dr said he was too young, but I was convinced and took him to one more doctor and sure enough, a proper diagnosis but not in time for the antivirals. All the best for a quick recovery.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to learn that your hubby had to deal with Shingles. I've had the vacination against them just this year, I was so afraid I might get them. I hope he is much better now.

I love your son's sock, and I guess it makes sense, that since no one really sees them, that they don't have to match 100%. Should be fun to have as well as to wear. :)

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