You know you've racked up a lot of miles when you get an oil change before you go away and need another one when you come back!

We are back baby!!!  And I'm so happy abt it!  We had a great time with family and friends, but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed.  I posted on facebook when we got home:

Be it ever so humble, messy and in need of repair, there is NO place like home!

We got home late Thursday night and I've been trying to formulate a post ever since.  I've had a few good ones, but can't seem to get them down on *paper*.  I have yet to download my pictures from my camera and my phone so I've got nothing to post.  I'm hoping to do that all tomorrow.

I will share one funny story with you so that this post is not for nothing.

After I dropped the IO off at LaGuardia, the kids and I planned on going into the City.  While we couldnt afford to stay overnight, it would have been wrong to drive around NYC and not stop by.  So I get out my directions and we hit the road.  We get on the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway (aka the BQE) and head toward the city.  Now if you look at the BQE on a map, it looks like stippling.  It goes around and around and slowly snakes its way out of the city toward New Jersey.  However it does have an exit off of it to get toward the Midtown Tunnel to get to NYC.  This is my goal. 

Somehow I end up going in the opposite direction, but there is a sign to cross a bridge into NYC so we're still good.  As I pay the toll ($6.50 to cross the bridge.  this is cheap.  when I crossed the Verrazano Bridge to get into Brooklyn I had to pay $13.  A good example of how cheap the City is NOT!)  I ask the guy how to get to Times Square. 

Well, you're in Harlem right now, so you want to take the FDR south to 31st street. 

Leave it to me to end up in Harlem.  Since it's a Sunday morning and all of the street thugs are still asleep from last night's bender, I figured we were good.    I gave the kids a nice tour of the city, showed them my mad city driving skills and we lived to tell abt it !!! 

We really did have fun.  Before I parked (got a good rate, the early bird special was only $28 instead of the normal $42)  I drove them up Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave) and showed them Radio City Music Hall, the southern part of Central Park, and drove down Broadway.  SO many things to do in such a short period of time, but the one thing they both wanted to do was walk on Times Square.   We were pure tourists and loved it.  Where else can you see a 3 story building devoted entirely to M&M merchandise?  Or visit a 4 story Toys R Us that included a 2 story Barbie Dreamhouse, a T-Rex AND a full sized ferris wheel??

There was a slight altercation with a Times Square Minnie Mouse, but she looked a bit hung over from the night before so no harm/no foul.

This was all in less than 6 hours.  You can't buy experiences like this!!!!  And so is the thrill of a road trip.  More pics to follow, including dime store Minnie.


Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Sounds like you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. I just found out that the artery in the left side of my neck is 90% blocked and I have to have surgery in the next couple weeks. I won't be on here much, but hope to be back later and see all your updates. I have enjoyed chatting with you and seeing pics of Hemi. I still think he needs to come for a visit. lol

Anonymous said…
Yeah .... there ain't no crazy like a TIMES SQUARE crazy!

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