20 Day Challenge

With all the photo opportunities we have these days (even if its just the latest haircut you got), most photo social networks have challenges to help you narrow down all the possibilities.  Instagram is no exception.  While I personally dont have an Instagram account, I know ppl who do and they've talked abt the latest challenge.  Apparently there is a daily challenge that changes from month to month, but for those who cant keep up with  that kind of commitment (like me), they also have a generic 20 day challenge.  This is right up my alley.  Here is a list for those of you who want to play.
My goal was to start yesterday, and while I'm already behind, I still think I got a shot at this.  So here we go!

Day 1:  Old picture of me.
First Day of School EVER!

Since we are getting geared up for school to start in the next couple of weeks, I thought this would be appropriate.  I remember my mom peeking into the window after school started to see if I was ok.  She cried, I didn't.  I was SO ready for school.  I also remember being disappointed.  I was supposed to learn how to read harder books than what I had at home.  What was up with learing abt colors and counting to 10?!?!  I KNEW that already!  Later on I found out that first grade can be hard on kids and that they use those days to get them used to a new situation.  Plus it was a recap of kindergarten. 

Whatever, I just wanted to read!

So there you have it.  If you decide to play, make sure you let me know.  I'm a bit behind on my blog reading and I'd hate to miss your post.  Let's hope I can keep this up!!!!


New York funny story #2: 

Living in Central Florida means I have access to stores that are open 24/7.  Walmart and Walgreens come to mind.  And while I live in the Bible belt, you can basically buy alcohol any time you want.  Grocery stores sell beer and wine, and Walgreens has a liquor store attached to it.  I can buy beer at 9AM if I so choose, even if it's a Sunday.  Our gas stations even sell beer and wine.  I'm not condoning any of this, just want to give you an idea of what we've come to expect in our neck of the woods. 

When we stopped to get gas in Maryland, the IO wanted to get a 6 pack for when we arrived at our hotel in NY.  We didnt know when we'd stop again and this way we'd have it for later on.  The look of  horror on the faces of the ppl in the store was classic.  Why on earth would ANYBODY sell beer at a gas station?!?!   

Fast forward a couple of hours later in NJ and we try again, this time at a grocery store.  Again the look of surprise on their faces was his answer.  Apparently you can only get beer and wine at a liquor store, NOT in a grocery store.  Since it was SUNDAY at 10pm, even the liquor store was closed.   The only place we could go for beer was at a bar. 

Needless to say the IO never got his beer that night.


Anonymous said…
Cute picture.

I had the opposite situation when we moved to Florida. I grabbed the first green bottle I saw at the 7-11 thinking it was 7Up. It was a Heinekin.
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. I must have missed something. I don't remember you saying you were moving. Sorry to hear about hubby. I had shingles once and it was horrible, very itchy. I had my left carotid artery cleaned out Wed. and I am now home. I have a 4 1/2 incision that is glued shut and it hurts like he--.

Zonda said…
Awww cute picture! Your story sounds a lot like ours when traveleing through PA, I got laughed at @ a grocery store (it's never sold there) only at a beverage barn place, which only sold by the case...needless to say, the restaurant sold him a 6 pack, a very expensive one. From now on, any driving to happen through PA, we stop for provisions before ;)
Vivian said…
Your picture is so cute, wish I can find enough stuff to do the 20 day challenge. well actually I think I do, but the challenge is to find them!

I don't drink, but I believe in California you can buy beer and wine pretty much in all the grocery stores 24x7, and we have huge BevMo (like Costco of liquor store) all over the place. oh yeah, there is Costco too ....

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