Cant think of a good title so let's just get on with the post.

This is the last one of the season.

I had a couple more on the other tomato plant but they just basically shrivelled up from all the heat.  I think this year I'm going to try what the master gardener at Epcot said, start your garden in Sept.  Our fall and winter is similar to the spring up North and he gets his best harvests in  Dec.  So we'll see.  I've started some cilantro and basil from seed and I've actually got something sprouting!  Let's see how long before I kill it.  BTW, the tomato was DELICIOUS!

On a knitting note, I'm making progress on the kitty blanket.

I didnt realize I had done as much as I did until I took this picture.  I usually just pull out the in progress portion of the blanket, knit on it and shove it back in the bag.

Day 3 Challenge: Makes You Smile:

He is SUCH a guy!!!! and he makes me smile.


Linda said…
Oh Lynn, he is just so darn cute. That pose reminds me of Al sitting on the couch in Married With Children. John had 5 beautiful tomatoes just starting to turn red and the deer thought they were just fine being green. Love the kitty blanket.

Anonymous said…
I LOVE Hemi! He is such a ham.

Mmmmmm...that tomato looks wonderful.

Our pepper harvest this year has been better than ever. The plants LOVE this hot weather.
kathy b said…
Lynn he is so relaxed!!!!

SOrry about your harvest..sometimes that happens here in chicago too. I have tons of green tomatoes and nothing is ripening...

love your blanket
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that you got to enjoy some of your home grown tomatoes this year. If you do try planting for a late garden, let me know how it goes. I am really curious, but if it's truly that warm down there, then I'd try it, if I were you. Right now my tomatoes are coming by the bushel basket, the vines are so loaded, and heavy with them. Yummy. I am tickled pink!.

I'm happy you had such a nice vacation too. You were a long way from home up there in Long Island. Good to see you back home, all safe and sound.


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