Challenge Day 2

When I started this challenge I never said I'd do them daily!  LOL  I'm lucky I get on these days.  We are down one computer (again) and the second computer that the IO uses is down to bare bones. 

This is what happens when the 'F' key pops off.  It still works but the wifi in the computer was in the screen and now the IO has it rigged with wires. Meanwhile the kids just look at me.  And I shake my head.

Speaking of kids, they are my Day 2 Challenge

20 Day Challenge - Day 2:  Someone I love

This isnt the best pic of the kids together, but it's one of my favorites.  We were in one of those photo booths that they had in the M&M store and after we took pictures, it showed a video of what we looked like getting ready for the next shot.  I took pictures of that video and this is one of the shots.  Any picture that shows a natural smile from my teenage boy is always a keeper!

Anybody sign up for the RavelwhatevertheycallitnowOlympics on Ravelry?  I did and I'm glad I only tagged one of my projects.  I decided to work on a project that hadn't been worked on in awhile.  The rules made it so that no knitting had been done since the beginning of May and my project was from April.  I finished it last night.

They are some fingerless mitts that I made for Baby Girl using the leftover yarn from a hat I made her at the beginning of the year.  They fit her great and I only have an ounce of the yarn left.  Just trying to figure out if I should add it to a kitty blanket or make one more thing out of it.......

The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I combined the design from the men's hand warmers with the sizing from the women's.  The first mitt took me 3 days in April.  I did the second one last night.  The yarn I used was Everyday Worsted in parfait.  I'm not sure of the wear on this yarn, but I LOVE the softness of it. 

I'm off to add the final tags in Ravelry to get credit for a finish.  I'm glad I got the mitts done, but I did find out that when I sit down to watch the Olympics, I WATCH the Olympics and get very little done elsewhere.   Probably wont join the next time around. 


kathy b said…
Oh but you had a FINSH HOORAY and they are lovely pink and black. You go girl
Linda said…
What a cute family pic. Love the fingerless mitts. How's Hemi?

Vivian said…
I like the picture of your kids and I know how hard it is to get a natural smile on camera. My Olympics knitting won't be completed in time, but I think I'll be happy with the sweater whenever it's finished.

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