Do you hear that????

Yeah, neither do I!  The kids are back in school today and the IO is out on a job so for the first time in a LONG time, I have the house to myself!  Oh the quiet, oh the luxury!  Other than making myself some coffee and breakfast, I've done very little today.  I've watched a couple of shows I dvr'd.  I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading.   AND I get to post on my blog w/o a million interuptions! 

We start the year out with a fifth grader

and an 8th grader.

This will be the last year for them in their respective schools.  Next year I will no longer have a child in elementary school but I WILL have a high schooler.  How is this possible?  And I'm already getting emotional with this being Baby Girl's last year in elementary school.  I think what makes it worse is I'm not ready to leave the elementary school yet.  I've been there for 9 years now and I really like the ppl.  I may have to volunteer a few times next year just to help me adjust! 

Most of last week had me organizing and going thru stuff to get ready for this new school year, which made me reflect on what I didn't get done this summer.  I went back to read my end of school year post and had to laugh.  This is what I wrote.....

Now that school is out, I'm hoping that I'll be getting more projects done. And that I'm not as delusional as I think I'm being. My high hopes always start when school is over and then when school starts back up again.

I'll reread this again when school starts back up and quietly chuckle at my thoughts that I've typed right now........

I have such high hopes!!!  LOL   

Come back tomorrow, I promise to have knitting updates.  Meanwhile,  here is Princess squeezing her size boot box body into a size sneaker box box!
I do TOO fit!


Anonymous said…
Enjoy the quiet!
Zonda said…
Yes, enjoy your quiet :)
kathy b said…
Princess is Too darn cute...

ENJOY the lazy day alone .....they appear at the door again all too quickly!!
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. Princess is a cutie but not like my Hemi. Cats remind me of trying to put a square peg in a round hole. lol


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