Feline Fridays et al

I had a good day today.  Why?  Because I got to meet up with Dee today.  We've been trying to meet up for the past few months, but my life keeps getting in the way.  In fact it got kind of dicey meeting up today.  School started last week and both kids have already been out sick.  Thankfully we did get to meet up and it was fun as always!!!!

I pulled out one of my ongoing squares and finished it off. 

This makes a total of 31 squares, abt 1/2 way thru my blanket.  At this rate it will be finished in 2013.  Let's hope the Mayans are wrong.....

Yesterday I got a fun package in the mail.

One of the girls on Ravelry was giving away a bunch of acrylic yarn for kitty blankets and this is what I got!!!

I love the little yarn balls, they make great colorful blankies!  I'll be starting another one once the current one is done which is probably another 3 or 4 inches.  Meanwhile #1 Son's sock is sitting, I haven't cast on yet for Samuel's 2nd sock and haven't even decided on a project for the next upcoming cousin.   Thank goodness babies are small!

Hemi says to have a safe and fun Labor Day wknd!


Linda said…
Great yarn stash for kitty blankies. Awe, tell Hemi I lovers him.

Jacki said…
It seems like everyone I know with school-age kids had them get sick at the start of school this year!

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