In The Works

There are a few things in the works here at Happy Acres.   I'm still working on the kitty blanket.  Ok it's in the pile.  I havent worked on it since I lasted posted here.  Since I'm now back into car lines, I've put some yarn and needles in the car to work on my continuous people blanket.  I think I have abt 45 squares so far.  The goal is at least 64 but I'm hoping for a bit bigger.  When we use a blanket here, we tend to wear them, not just cover ourselves.  Kind of like a snuggie.

I did finish a sock.

The second sock will be started once I have #1 Son's 2nd sock complete.  I'm on the foot. 

Only 5" to go............


There is also one more thing that's in the works here,  a possible hurricane.

It is SO far out right now it's hard for them to say for sure, but from all the models it seems it will be coming for a visit sometime next week. 

Happy Hurricane Season!  Let the hoarding of supplies begin!!


Anonymous said…
Republicans and hurricanes ... how much can one state take????? LOL

The finished sock looks great. Is it for you? Maybe I want it!!! ROFL I sure do wish I had one sock. :::wink:::
Bridget said…
Love both pairs of socks!

You have to wonder about the timing with a possible hurricane on the way ... just what everyone needs, huh?
Linda said…
Love the colors of the first sock. Hope the hurricane stays away.

kathy b said…
Okay that first sock is just adorable!!

Please tell me how you put your blanket squares you sew or crochet them??? I need ideas
Jane said…
I sure hope that weather misses you this time. And I really love that finished sock - what yarn did you use?
Vivian said…
Hope Isaac will spare the worst and not cause too much damage. 64 squares is lot to put together!
Anonymous said…
I love that blue sock you finished. You will have to share the yarn with us. It's gorgeous.

Best wishes to you all, with that hurricane stuff. I really do hope it misses you completely. Maybe a little rain will be appreciated, but you don't need more than that. :)

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