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The Circle of Life OR Living on Mayan Time

Yesterday as I was sitting in the drs office with Baby Girl, I was simultaniously texting my sister in law abt my new niece being born and one of my BFFs who is going thru chemo right now and was sitting in the hospital with her dad as he underwent heart surgery.  As I was reading each text, I was realizing I was watching the different aspects of life unfolding.  A newborn coming into this world.  A child needing care.  A daughter supporting her dad. 

We live within some very fragile parameters.  However the key word is LIVE.  The new mom and baby are fine.  Baby Girl and #1 Son are fine (even though we are recouping from the flu.  Way too early in the year to deal with if you ask me).  My BFF will be fine and so far so good with her dad as well. 

Makes you appreciate the time you've got.

Meanwhile I think I'm living on the Mayan calendar because I'm already feeling burnt out by the school year and we've only just started!  I've been to PTA meetings, Band Booster…

Needing a change......

After I finished #1 Son's socks, I needed to take a knitting break.  I've got a lot of different projects going on so off to the bin to see what I could find.  Maybe something that hasn't been worked on in awhile.  Out came Kitty Cat Row.  Yep it was time to work on some cross stitching.  Havent done that in awhile! 

In case you forgot what it used to look like (I know I did) here it is before I picked it up this wknd.

And here it is as of today.

I have 3 letters and a cat left to do.  There is very little backstitching required so it shouldnt take too much longer to finish.  By all rights it should have been done by now,   however it calls for the fancy threads, GAST and WDW to work up the kitties and letters, which requires you to cross each stitch before moving on to the next one.  For some reason this take me so much longer to do than whipping in one direction and whipping them all back.  If I put my mind to it, it should be done by tomorrow. 

Who else doesnt see tha…

Labor Day

While some of you were enjoying the day with picnics, beach time and bbqs, others did what I did today:  work!  (I originally said labor, but it sounded like I was birthing babies and I am done with that!)

ANYWAY, what started as cleaning up around the sink in the bathroom turned into a major cleaning of the cabinets and drawers.  It's amazing the stuff we can accumulate.  Ended up throwing out a ton of stuff and reorganizing the drawers and cabinet of one sink.  Replacing a light bulb let to cleaning the light fixtures.  I didnt get to completely finish (I still have one sink and cabinet to do) but it looks so much better!   Now if I can only find the time to paint.........

I felt the need to accomplish something today because yesterday was all abt the crafting!  I finished off a pair of socks for #1 Son.

These are really crazy!  Each sock has 4 different yarns in them.  The heels and toes of the socks are the same, just inverted.  The boy loves them and has already worn them.  S…

Saturday Sky

It's a hot one today! 

Thermometer says 96 but heat index is 118.  That's just TOO hot!!

I'm watching the Star Wars Episode 4 (the one that came out in 1977) and I'm thinking two things, the special effects still hold up today (which is a feat considering this movie is 35 years old!)  and I'm laughing at all the little spoofs from Space Balls.

When was the last time you watched Star Wars?  Are you a fan?