Labor Day

While some of you were enjoying the day with picnics, beach time and bbqs, others did what I did today:  work!  (I originally said labor, but it sounded like I was birthing babies and I am done with that!)

ANYWAY, what started as cleaning up around the sink in the bathroom turned into a major cleaning of the cabinets and drawers.  It's amazing the stuff we can accumulate.  Ended up throwing out a ton of stuff and reorganizing the drawers and cabinet of one sink.  Replacing a light bulb let to cleaning the light fixtures.  I didnt get to completely finish (I still have one sink and cabinet to do) but it looks so much better!   Now if I can only find the time to paint.........

I felt the need to accomplish something today because yesterday was all abt the crafting!  I finished off a pair of socks for #1 Son.

These are really crazy!  Each sock has 4 different yarns in them.  The heels and toes of the socks are the same, just inverted.  The boy loves them and has already worn them.  See?

Of course they were put on haphazardly, sock heels not exactly meeting with foot heels, but what do you expect from a teenage boy?????

Worked on some other projects after these were done, something that hasnt been touched in a long time.  Will post pics of that soon.........


Linda said…
Congrats on the finish Lynn. I love the different colors in the socks. Just think, if you made dozens of pairs like these, for everybody, you would never have to look for mates when you fold them. lol


PS Every think about turning off work verifier?? This is try 7.
Jennifer said…
Oh my gosh - I love these socks. What a great idea. I have so much leftover sock yarn and haven't really figured out the best thing to do with it. These are really whimsical and I love 'em. Happy Socks!
Vivian said…
Your teenage boy wears handknit socks, that's a big Yay! Mine hasn't for years. Those are some fun crazy colors, love it!

I need to clean out my kitchen drawers and cabinets. I don't even want to think about it :-(

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