Needing a change......

After I finished #1 Son's socks, I needed to take a knitting break.  I've got a lot of different projects going on so off to the bin to see what I could find.  Maybe something that hasn't been worked on in awhile.  Out came Kitty Cat Row.  Yep it was time to work on some cross stitching.  Havent done that in awhile! 

In case you forgot what it used to look like (I know I did) here it is before I picked it up this wknd.

And here it is as of today.

I have 3 letters and a cat left to do.  There is very little backstitching required so it shouldnt take too much longer to finish.  By all rights it should have been done by now,   however it calls for the fancy threads, GAST and WDW to work up the kitties and letters, which requires you to cross each stitch before moving on to the next one.  For some reason this take me so much longer to do than whipping in one direction and whipping them all back.  If I put my mind to it, it should be done by tomorrow. 

Who else doesnt see that happening??


Anonymous said…
I remember that one! Weren't you working on that the last time we stitched at Needle Orts? :::ducking and running:::
Anonymous said…
This is so cute!
kathy b said…
I LOVE the alphabet kittens!!
Linda said…
Great progress Lynn. I should dig mine out.

stitcherw said…
Kitty Cat Row is so cute, nice progress. So, do you have it done yet :)
Lifesastitch said…
Sweet. I've been spending some time beading bracelets. Building a stash is as addicting as a knitting stash.

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