The Circle of Life OR Living on Mayan Time

Yesterday as I was sitting in the drs office with Baby Girl, I was simultaniously texting my sister in law abt my new niece being born and one of my BFFs who is going thru chemo right now and was sitting in the hospital with her dad as he underwent heart surgery.  As I was reading each text, I was realizing I was watching the different aspects of life unfolding.  A newborn coming into this world.  A child needing care.  A daughter supporting her dad. 

We live within some very fragile parameters.  However the key word is LIVE.  The new mom and baby are fine.  Baby Girl and #1 Son are fine (even though we are recouping from the flu.  Way too early in the year to deal with if you ask me).  My BFF will be fine and so far so good with her dad as well. 

Makes you appreciate the time you've got.

Meanwhile I think I'm living on the Mayan calendar because I'm already feeling burnt out by the school year and we've only just started!  I've been to PTA meetings, Band Boosters, Book Fairs and we've got a carnival coming up this Friday that's kicking my butt!!!  Add in the fact I've got sick kids and I'm fighting whatever they've got, well it just keeps it interesting! 

Whoever coined the phrase "bored housewife" apparently never met me!

Add in the Insane One and you see my life is status quo. 

So if you were paying attention, you would remember reading in the first paragraph that I am an aunt again.  Juliet was born a week and a half early,  making her mom happy but her aunt a bit more stressed.  I have yet to start anything for this little one.  I cant' make up my mind.  How do I deal with this dilemma??  Knit on other things of course!!!!

Kitty Blanket #1:

Kitty Blanket #2:

Soft Basket:

I will be seeing the new family around Thanksgiving so I do have some time left, just not tons.   Time to figure out what I want to do!!!!

Oh and Kitty Cat Row hasn't been touched since my last posting.   I hear it growling from the corner as I type.........

Ok so my pictures wont load.  Instead of scrapping this entire post, I'm gonna go with is just to prove that I'm still alive!   I'll try to post pics tomorrow.      


Linda said…
oh boy! You have a full plate (platter?). Congrats on the new niece; hope all the family and friends recoup in short order. Don't forget to take time to smell the roses...ehhh....wool.
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. Maybe I should come spend a month with you so I won't be bored. lol

kathy b said…
WEll you have been so busy ....IM so glad things are working out on all fronts. YOu have time to knit the baby something sweet and wonderful
Anonymous said…
Hope y'all are feeling better soon. It's way too early for flu ... yuck!
Lifesastitch said…
Sounds like my year. I felt so fortunate to have been in the delivery room with my daughter in March. It provided balance to my Mom's death in November. And now I have a friend in palliative care.

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