A Visit From an Old Friend

Remember Tiger? 

I dont post pictures of her anymore because she doesnt live here anymore.  She moved out almost a year ago.  Apparently the house was too crowded with cats and noise so she left.  I know some of you think I'm kidding, but I'm not. She lives 2 houses down now, but every once in awhile she stops by for a visit.  It usually involves me being outside in the AM and cooler weather.  Yesterday was such a day.  The cold front we were expecting (cold front = high of 85 this time around) came thru and the morning was beautiful.  After finding ourselves stranded by my flat tire, Baby Girl and I stood near the tire hoping if we stared at it long enough, it would instantaneously reinflate (it did not).  I heard a meow that sounded familiar and I turned around.  On the property line sat Tiger!  She wont cross it (funny how she knows where it is, but humans need to measure) so I have to approach her.  She seemed genuinely happy to see us.  She let me pet her for a little bit and then she let Baby Girl do the same thing.  Then she sat abt 4 feet away and looked at us while purring.  We chatted back and forth and when she was done, she got up and went back home.

At first I was SO happy to see her.  She's doing well and looks great.  Now it just makes me miss her again.  But what can I expect?  This is proof positive cats are their own entities......


Jennifer said…
Awwww. I love the cat story. They certainly have personality and limits, don't they?
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. I think I would cry if one of my cats moved down the street, but mine are all indoor cats only. Great story. And thanks for my Hemi update on your last post.

kathy b said…
Awwww, Im so sorry. You are sweet to let her be

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