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Outside my window...Beautiful!!!  Cold this AM (around 48) and we even broke temp records in Daytona Beach, but it warmed up to high 60s.  We'll be back to a high of 80 by the wknd.

I am thinking...that I need to knit up more hats.  It seems the ones that I like for me are the ones that seem to be used most by others in this house!

I am thankful...that we missed the brunt of Sandy but sad that there was so much damage to the northeast.

In the kitchen...bacon mushroom cheeseburgers for dinner tonight.  I was told they were the best burgers I ever made.  Not sure if it's because of the bacon or the soft white buns but I'll be using this combo again!

I am wearing...t-shirt, sweats and handknit socks that no longer fit #1 Son.

I am creating...I'm not so much creating as I am organizing (sort of).  I FINALLY got rid of those 5 garbage bags full of fabric.  Instead there are now 2 bags of fabric in my craft room and 4 white trash bags of fabric on my craft table in the living room.  It's still in my house but moving closer to moving out!  I got 6 more bags of clothes that will be relocating soon too;  some to the school, some to friends and a couple to Goodwill.

I am going...crazy trying to find the time to get rid of all this extra stuff.  I've been calling around looking for helpers for the upcoming memorial services this Saturday.  For the most part it's coming along, but it still amazes me how opinionated some ppl can get.

I am wondering...why ppl go out in the middle of a superstorm.  Makes me angry and sad at the same time when I hear somebody died because they were looking at the sites or out for a walk.

I am reading...knitting patterns.  I was at a stand still but ever since we've had this cold snap it's got me itching to start all kinds of projects!!!!  I moved my afghan squares to the car but I'm never in line long enough to make a dent.  I need to start more in the house.

I am hoping...Saturday goes smoothly......

I am looking forward to...Monday.

I am learning...that patience is important.

Around the living room is slowly looking like a living room again.  I really want my house to be in some kind of order because a lot of old friends are coming up this wknd for the memorial services and I'd like a flat surface for them to sit on.  However I may have to settle for a clean kitchen and bathroom. 

I am pondering...if I will ever have a totally clean house at one time.  I dont see it ever happening while I have kids.

A favorite quote for today.. We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. - Abraham Lincoln

I prefer to rejoice.

One of my favorite the warm body of a purring kitty next to me. (yes it is Hemi)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  finishing up the rest of the details of the memorial services of a dear family friend.  PTO meetings, and the collecting of funds for a fundraiser.

A peek into my day...
Corelle plates dont break

They SHATTER!!!!


Dee said…
I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the memorial goes smoothly.

stitcherw said…
Yup, shatter they do, I've only had one do that (normally they are pretty damage resistent) but what a mess if they land just right. So sorry to hear of your loss, losing someone leaves such a hole {{hugs}}
kathy b said…
I so hope the service goes very well. THat kind of planning and gathering can be both exhausting and reaffirming at the same time eh?

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