Would you recognize yourself?

I needed to get new tires last week.  Once they were put on, I was happy.  I mean, REALLY happy!  They were pretty to me.  The next day when I took the rugrats to school I looked at them again and they made me smile.  Then I shook my head.  How on earth do new tires make me happy?  When did THAT happen?? 

I know the logical reason behind it, but sometimes I wonder what my 20 y/o  self would think abt this.  Or abt me for that matter.  I knew I wanted to be married and have kids.  Check.  That would be no surprise.  Having a messy house is no surprise since I always had a messy bedroom.  (while I had HOPED to be neater in my *old age*,  my mess would be a bit of a disappointment, but not a surprise). 


What happened to my long hair????  Where are my freshly manicured nails??  How did I get so FAT?!?  You get excited abt tires????  You garden???  I dont go to new restaurants any more.  I'm not the first to see movies in my peer group.  I dont drive a nice car.  I think my 20 y/o self would just implode.

This is why there is no time travel.

With all that being said, there is something that has stayed the same.  My desire to craft.  I always enjoyed it growing up.  I remember making a loom when I was in elementary school.  My mom taught me to knit and I made a couple of squares for a blanket.  I took up hook rugging.  I scrapbooked my photo albums before it was popular (yet now I dont do it at all).   I made a couple of collages with pictures I'd cut out from magazines.  What pushed me over the edge was learning to cross stitch.  That paved the way to quilting and then knitting again. 

So while my 45 y/o self would implode my 20 y/o self, I'm okay with that.  But it does  make me wonder what my 70 y/o self would do to me now..........

So what would implode your 20 y/o self?  And for those younger readers divide your age in half and go from there.


Since I dont like posting w/o a picture of some sort,  here is a picture of the farm we went to with the corn maze and hay rides.
click to make bigger to see the house better.....

I'll be posting more on this later this week.

BTW Tiger came by AGAIN today and looked like she wanted to come inside!  When I opened the door she took off, but I have hope she'll visit more often......


Linda said…
I try not to think anymore Lynn and just go with the flow. Maybe Tiger will move back home.

Vivian said…
My 20yo self wasn't even in this country, so, yeah, there were a lot of changes! But I'm happy for the changes, for the most part.

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