Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Sky

Without my royal palms to frame my picture, its a tough decision where to take my Saturday sky.  Nothing makes me happy.  This one seems to have won out.

and our weather forecast for the rest of the week.

I'm not happy abt the high 70s, but I'll take what I can get.  Then again who else can say they can ring in the new year at the beach in a bathing suit??  I wont be doing it, but I could!

I've been making progress on my sock, moreso than I usually do.  I've taken a picture every day since I started it around the same time each day.  This is what I've got......




I'm NEVER this far along in a sock so quickly, but the stripes in the sock keep me going.  I'm just abt finished with the gusset and hope to be close to the toe decreases by my next picture tomorrow.

Hope everybody's having a fabulous Saturday!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Feline Fridays

I really should have thought this thru......

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We have socks on the needles!!!!

and all is right in my knitting universe........

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...

It's a warm day, around 70 degrees.  Normally I wouldnt think it was warm but between the humidity and working around the house, I feel warm!

I am thinking...
of taking a break.  I think I bit off more than I wanted to chew today.  Baby Girl has been sleeping with me (the IO roams alot at night) and she's taken to using the matress pad as a blanket.  I decided to strip the bed and wash everything but that included taking everything off the foot of the bed (I tend to pile things there) and put things away which ended up being more than I expected. 

I am thankful...
for a clean family room.  The IO has been going crazy in there the past couple of days, going thru piles, getting rid of junk, redoing the area where the TV lives.  It's putting the rest of the house to shame.  Hence my project in the bedroom.....

In the kitchen...
I'm about to start dinner.  Tonight's meal will consist of Grandma's Chicken (stewed chicken my grandmother used to make) with rice, corn and peas.  Maybe brownies for dessert.

I am wearing...
A t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.  My heel has been bothering me lately and the wood floors just aggrevate it.

I am creating...
Huh.  Not sure how to answer this one.  I finished Baby Girl's poncho but neither one of us likes it.  Here is what it looks like.

Yes I know, it's just a rectangle, but that was the pattern for this one.  We tried attaching it in different ways, but it's just not working.  I'm realizing that the yarn is just too thick for what we're looking for.  Baby Girl feels REALLY bad that I did all that work (twice!) and yet she still doesnt like it.  I told her not to worry abt it, that happens sometimes.  It can look great in a picture but not work in real life.  Cautionary tale for many things in life!!!  She still wants a poncho but like the one I made her before.  I need to see how much of the Sassy Stripes I still have left to make her the same kind, just bigger. 

As far as the above, I'm not ripping it out again.  It is what it is and will become a cat blanket.  I have no desire to rip it out again, the yarn couldnt handle it.  It's time to move on.

I am going...
to look thru my yarn to start a new project.  I have the scarf started and I have my afghan in progress but there was a cowl that I really liked and I really need to start on another pair of socks.  My needles look lonely.

I am wondering...
why I started such a big project today.  SO not in the mood for it, BUT it's forcing me to finish the laundry including folding it and putting it away. 

I am reading...
Fan Fiction.  I just dont have the mind for much more at night.  And what I'm reading is 2000 words or less.  Short stories are perfect late at night for my attention span.

I am hoping...
the IO starts working soon.  His last contract ended Nov 30th but with the holidays the jobs aren't in high demand.  He's heard from Darden, Disney and Nascar, but we need to wait for the bigshots to come back from vaca to make the decisions.  We're hoping by next week we'll start hearing more.

I am looking forward to...
a quiet rest of the week.

I am learning
that not all yarn works well with all projects.

Around the house...
The family room looks great but the rest of the house is bad.  Esp the living room.  Many things relocated there while the family room was being worked on. 

I am pondering...
the ability to have a totally clean house at one time w/o hiring a maid.  (I ponder this a LOT!)

A favorite quote for today...
Saw this a few times on Facebook the past couple of days.

I dont want to brag or anything, but this is like the fifth end of the world I've survived.

One of my favorite things...

He always seems to win this spot.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Drop off some clothes to a couple of friends of mine who have kids younger than mine.  Need to get rid of SOME extra stuff that's hanging around!

A peek into my day...

He's my laundry supervisor.....

If you want to play, here is the link:            The Simple Woman's Daybook

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Rounding Third

One more week and the year is over.  Weird. And apparently the Mayans were wrong.   Yet *another* end of world apocalypse that I've survived.  This bodes well for the upcoming zombie one.

We keep things simple here around the holidays, which means that while alot of you were running around like crazy, we were having a nice quiet day (well as quiet as we can have with all of us home).  Baby Girl and I  were going to deliver the kitty blankets to the shelter today, but I think they shut down.  When I went to look for the number to check if it was open today, I couldnt find it.  I tried leaving messages at a few other shelters but everybody is closed for the holidays. I'll find out more the first week of Jan.

Meanwhile I've been getting caught up with blog reading, organizing my Ravelry notebook, and figuring out how much yarn I've used up this year.  I need to weigh a couple of projects but I cant find the scale.  Once I do that I'll be writing an end of the year post.

Since we never ended up leaving the house, I had Baby Girl make some cupcakes.  She was REALLY disappointed we couldnt go to the shelter so this was a good distraction.  They turned out really well too!

Of course #1 Son had to jazz his up a bit.

Usually it's Baby Girl who likes the bling, but she prefers her cupcakes to have less sprinkles than more.

Craft wise I've finished Baby Girl's poncho, I just need to seam it up.   And I have started a scarf using my new Simply Soft yarn.  I was a bit burnt out from socks, but I can feel some of the sock mojo coming back.  I may have to play with some sock yarn to get a pair on the needles.....

No matter what you all have planned for the rest of the year, please stay safe. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Morning Update

I've decide with all the insanity rampant in the world today, I'm going to switch gears and turn the tv off.  Instead I'm going to put on a stupid movie (The Wedding Date) , update this blog, catch up on blogreading and perhaps fold some laundry. 

And yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.  I've purchased some.  I've won some.  I've been given some.  Now all I need to do is find a place to put it all.  Oh the drama! 


Possible cowl for Baby Girl

Sweater for me

Most likely a scarf.  It was on sale and the last one left in the bin.  It looked lonely so I brought him home.


A fellow Raveler had some extra yarn she was trying to give to a good cause.  It will be used for some charity knitting.

Got from Sock a Month KAL

Projects:  I'm still working on my squares, made two more which now has me up to 35 squares.  However I've decided to make it a bit bigger than I originally thought so now I'm LESS than half done.  At this point I think I'm going to knit until there is no more yarn left and that will be the size of my blanket.

Baby Girl's poncho is also coming along but I've fallen a bit behind the schedule I set up for myself.  It's just hard to be motivated to work on a thick poncho when the weather has been near the 80s.  Where is my winter??  We had a couple of days this past week of clouds and mist and dampy coldness which honestly I didnt mind.  Today we are back up to 79.  I'm hoping Jan will be a bit cooler....

and the strangest of it all???  I have no socks on the needles.....Weird.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Saturday Sky

Poncho update:  I'm abt 20" in and it's true what they say, garter stitch eats up more yarn than stockinette stitch.  With the yarn I have, I'll be lucky to get 40" out of it.  Since Baby Girl is not that tall, I might be able to get away with the length.  We'll have to see.  Either way, I'm ahead of where I wanted to be with the poncho. 

#1 Son update:  This is what a 14 y/o looks like.

I told him that I wanted something other than that canned smile so he decided to channel a super model!  He's a quirky kid that's for sure!!!!  And he's officially an inch taller than me, making him 5'5"!  He LOVES that part!!!!

Saturday sky update:  I went outside to get my picture and this is what I saw

BLUE sky with one big white piece of cotton stretched out over the house!!!  It was a very cool looking sky that is no where captured in this picture.

Speaking of pictures, I got a new camera but I'm not completely thrilled with it.  It's much better than my old one (more pixels, better zoom, it works!) but its a very thin, small camera.  My old one had more weight to it and I liked that.  I'm giving this one some time but it's VERY light and I have a harder time keeping it steady. 

How's everybody's Saturday going?? 

Friday, December 07, 2012

Sunday, December 02, 2012

A New Month

November was a very crazy month ending with a bang.   The IO was on his way home a few days ago when the transmission in his van gave out.  He added some transmission fluid that enabled him to get close to home before it completely died.  Our plan was to run this van into the ground, and apparently we have succeeded.  Thirteen years and 171,000+;  yep she served us well.

Now comes the part of finding another vehicle.  We havent had a car payment in a LONG time and I'm not looking forward to starting one.......


Now that December has started and all the baby items that needed to be done are done, that leaves a variety of things to work on that fall into the WANT TO category.  Hmmmm, that turned into an overwhelming decision.  There are so many things I WANT to work on, but which to start first???  The one that ended up being picked was the one at the top of the want to pile.  Remember this project?

It was a good idea in theory but neither one of us liked it.  So a couple of weeks ago I unravelled it and a couple of days ago I started Baby Girl Poncho 2.0.  This is what I've got so far.

It's your typical basic poncho just like the last one I made her, except this time it's adult sized.  I have to knit for 60" which is a bit overwhelming, but I figure if I knit at least 2 inches a day, I'll be done by the end of Dec.  Which means she'll be able to wear it this winter.  Incentive to work on it every day because I'd love to be done with it sooner.  The yarn is bulky so it's not that bad, abt 6 rows to an inch.  It SOUNDS easy and completely doable,  yet I still had to get caught up last night.  I'm hoping to get ahead of the game later tonight.