A New Month

November was a very crazy month ending with a bang.   The IO was on his way home a few days ago when the transmission in his van gave out.  He added some transmission fluid that enabled him to get close to home before it completely died.  Our plan was to run this van into the ground, and apparently we have succeeded.  Thirteen years and 171,000+;  yep she served us well.

Now comes the part of finding another vehicle.  We havent had a car payment in a LONG time and I'm not looking forward to starting one.......


Now that December has started and all the baby items that needed to be done are done, that leaves a variety of things to work on that fall into the WANT TO category.  Hmmmm, that turned into an overwhelming decision.  There are so many things I WANT to work on, but which to start first???  The one that ended up being picked was the one at the top of the want to pile.  Remember this project?

It was a good idea in theory but neither one of us liked it.  So a couple of weeks ago I unravelled it and a couple of days ago I started Baby Girl Poncho 2.0.  This is what I've got so far.

It's your typical basic poncho just like the last one I made her, except this time it's adult sized.  I have to knit for 60" which is a bit overwhelming, but I figure if I knit at least 2 inches a day, I'll be done by the end of Dec.  Which means she'll be able to wear it this winter.  Incentive to work on it every day because I'd love to be done with it sooner.  The yarn is bulky so it's not that bad, abt 6 rows to an inch.  It SOUNDS easy and completely doable,  yet I still had to get caught up last night.  I'm hoping to get ahead of the game later tonight.


Anonymous said…
She looks so cute in it! What will be different with this one?
Anonymous said…
I am sorry to hear about your van, but I agree, you definitely got your money's worth. My last car, a Subaru Legacy wagon, lasted me 14 years, and then died. Like you, I did not complain. It was time for a newer car anyway, with gas prices being what they are.

As for the Poncho. I personally see nothing wrong with Poncho #1, but you both must have had good reasons for not liking it, I'm sure. Good luck in getting it done on time. December can be a very busy month too. But I have faith in you. You CAN do it. :)
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. I really liked the first poncho. Can't wait to see the new one.

You asked: I have 111 cross stitch pieces started. I also have 6 crocheted afghans started.

kathy b said…
I am always amazed when a great knitter frogs and reknits something even more wonderful!! I love the yarn color

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