Monday Morning Update

I've decide with all the insanity rampant in the world today, I'm going to switch gears and turn the tv off.  Instead I'm going to put on a stupid movie (The Wedding Date) , update this blog, catch up on blogreading and perhaps fold some laundry. 

And yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.  I've purchased some.  I've won some.  I've been given some.  Now all I need to do is find a place to put it all.  Oh the drama! 


Possible cowl for Baby Girl

Sweater for me

Most likely a scarf.  It was on sale and the last one left in the bin.  It looked lonely so I brought him home.


A fellow Raveler had some extra yarn she was trying to give to a good cause.  It will be used for some charity knitting.

Got from Sock a Month KAL

Projects:  I'm still working on my squares, made two more which now has me up to 35 squares.  However I've decided to make it a bit bigger than I originally thought so now I'm LESS than half done.  At this point I think I'm going to knit until there is no more yarn left and that will be the size of my blanket.

Baby Girl's poncho is also coming along but I've fallen a bit behind the schedule I set up for myself.  It's just hard to be motivated to work on a thick poncho when the weather has been near the 80s.  Where is my winter??  We had a couple of days this past week of clouds and mist and dampy coldness which honestly I didnt mind.  Today we are back up to 79.  I'm hoping Jan will be a bit cooler....

and the strangest of it all???  I have no socks on the needles.....Weird.


kathy b said…
I take comfort in my knitting too...
Your red yarn win is beautiful
Linda said…
Great new stash Lynn. 95% of the 500+ skeins of yarn that I have are RedHeart Super Saver.

Merry Christmas, Linda

PS I'll trade you my 36 degrees for your 79.
stitcherw said…
Lots of lovely yarn! But no socks on your needles, I can't believe ity, you always have socks on the go. As to TV, I'm with you, pretty much turned it off, just watching some of the fun Holiday movies, they always cheer me up.
Vivian said…
Lucky lady! Look at all that beautiful yarn, Claudia Handpaint is especially lovely. Enjoy the holidays!
Anonymous said…
Wow, all that loveliness, to make even lovelier items with. Should give you something to do for a while, at least. Have fun. :)

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