Rounding Third

One more week and the year is over.  Weird. And apparently the Mayans were wrong.   Yet *another* end of world apocalypse that I've survived.  This bodes well for the upcoming zombie one.

We keep things simple here around the holidays, which means that while alot of you were running around like crazy, we were having a nice quiet day (well as quiet as we can have with all of us home).  Baby Girl and I  were going to deliver the kitty blankets to the shelter today, but I think they shut down.  When I went to look for the number to check if it was open today, I couldnt find it.  I tried leaving messages at a few other shelters but everybody is closed for the holidays. I'll find out more the first week of Jan.

Meanwhile I've been getting caught up with blog reading, organizing my Ravelry notebook, and figuring out how much yarn I've used up this year.  I need to weigh a couple of projects but I cant find the scale.  Once I do that I'll be writing an end of the year post.

Since we never ended up leaving the house, I had Baby Girl make some cupcakes.  She was REALLY disappointed we couldnt go to the shelter so this was a good distraction.  They turned out really well too!

Of course #1 Son had to jazz his up a bit.

Usually it's Baby Girl who likes the bling, but she prefers her cupcakes to have less sprinkles than more.

Craft wise I've finished Baby Girl's poncho, I just need to seam it up.   And I have started a scarf using my new Simply Soft yarn.  I was a bit burnt out from socks, but I can feel some of the sock mojo coming back.  I may have to play with some sock yarn to get a pair on the needles.....

No matter what you all have planned for the rest of the year, please stay safe. 


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. The cupcakes look delicious. Baby Girl did a great job.
Linda said…
Oh my, what yummy looking cupcakes. Sounds like a great day.

Anonymous said…
Oh my, they look yummy!

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