Saturday Sky

Poncho update:  I'm abt 20" in and it's true what they say, garter stitch eats up more yarn than stockinette stitch.  With the yarn I have, I'll be lucky to get 40" out of it.  Since Baby Girl is not that tall, I might be able to get away with the length.  We'll have to see.  Either way, I'm ahead of where I wanted to be with the poncho. 

#1 Son update:  This is what a 14 y/o looks like.

I told him that I wanted something other than that canned smile so he decided to channel a super model!  He's a quirky kid that's for sure!!!!  And he's officially an inch taller than me, making him 5'5"!  He LOVES that part!!!!

Saturday sky update:  I went outside to get my picture and this is what I saw

BLUE sky with one big white piece of cotton stretched out over the house!!!  It was a very cool looking sky that is no where captured in this picture.

Speaking of pictures, I got a new camera but I'm not completely thrilled with it.  It's much better than my old one (more pixels, better zoom, it works!) but its a very thin, small camera.  My old one had more weight to it and I liked that.  I'm giving this one some time but it's VERY light and I have a harder time keeping it steady. 

How's everybody's Saturday going?? 


Linda said…
Great pics of your son Lynn. I posted xmas display on blog.

Anonymous said…
He's channeling his inner diva for sure. LOL

What kind of camera did you get? I'm getting one for Christmas too. Can't wait. My old one is really starting to show it's age, especially the lcd screen in the back. All those trips scratched it up pretty good.

kathy b said…
awww here's to you sweet son to play along!
New camera learning curves are always hard for me. THey almost do TOO much now.....

Anonymous said…
Oh wow! Look at those eyes!!! You better keep a close eye on that boy Lynn.

I've considered treating myself to a new camera too, but I like the one I have so much, and it still takes gorgeous photos, so I'm gonna keep it a while longer. :) Good luck with your camera. I'm sure once you get used to it, you'll love it.

stitcherw said…
Wow they grow up so fast, can't believe he's that age and that tall. My daughter loved it when she got taller than me too, she still gets a kick out of looking down at me when we stand next to each other, LOL.

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