Saturday Sky

Without my royal palms to frame my picture, its a tough decision where to take my Saturday sky.  Nothing makes me happy.  This one seems to have won out.

and our weather forecast for the rest of the week.

I'm not happy abt the high 70s, but I'll take what I can get.  Then again who else can say they can ring in the new year at the beach in a bathing suit??  I wont be doing it, but I could!

I've been making progress on my sock, moreso than I usually do.  I've taken a picture every day since I started it around the same time each day.  This is what I've got......




I'm NEVER this far along in a sock so quickly, but the stripes in the sock keep me going.  I'm just abt finished with the gusset and hope to be close to the toe decreases by my next picture tomorrow.

Hope everybody's having a fabulous Saturday!


Anonymous said…
That is one HAPPY color sock. You're moving along very quickly.

I started a new sock today. It doesn't have a ribbed cuff. Very different and fun, but I just hope it fits well.

It's a pattern Grace sent me a long time ago and I finally found a good yarn for it.
Linda said…
Great progress on the sock Lynn. You can send some of that heat this way. Its 40 here right now.

stitcherw said…
Nice progress on the sock, the stripes do make for fun colors and bet they do help keep you motivated. Sorry the second attempt at the poncho didn't work out, but I'll bet there will be a happy kitty somewhere to appreciate the fat cushy cat mat to sleep on.

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