Friday, August 31, 2012

Feline Fridays et al

I had a good day today.  Why?  Because I got to meet up with Dee today.  We've been trying to meet up for the past few months, but my life keeps getting in the way.  In fact it got kind of dicey meeting up today.  School started last week and both kids have already been out sick.  Thankfully we did get to meet up and it was fun as always!!!!

I pulled out one of my ongoing squares and finished it off. 

This makes a total of 31 squares, abt 1/2 way thru my blanket.  At this rate it will be finished in 2013.  Let's hope the Mayans are wrong.....

Yesterday I got a fun package in the mail.

One of the girls on Ravelry was giving away a bunch of acrylic yarn for kitty blankets and this is what I got!!!

I love the little yarn balls, they make great colorful blankies!  I'll be starting another one once the current one is done which is probably another 3 or 4 inches.  Meanwhile #1 Son's sock is sitting, I haven't cast on yet for Samuel's 2nd sock and haven't even decided on a project for the next upcoming cousin.   Thank goodness babies are small!

Hemi says to have a safe and fun Labor Day wknd!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Feline Fridays

BAby Girl  aka the Human Cat Tree

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In The Works

There are a few things in the works here at Happy Acres.   I'm still working on the kitty blanket.  Ok it's in the pile.  I havent worked on it since I lasted posted here.  Since I'm now back into car lines, I've put some yarn and needles in the car to work on my continuous people blanket.  I think I have abt 45 squares so far.  The goal is at least 64 but I'm hoping for a bit bigger.  When we use a blanket here, we tend to wear them, not just cover ourselves.  Kind of like a snuggie.

I did finish a sock.

The second sock will be started once I have #1 Son's 2nd sock complete.  I'm on the foot. 

Only 5" to go............


There is also one more thing that's in the works here,  a possible hurricane.

It is SO far out right now it's hard for them to say for sure, but from all the models it seems it will be coming for a visit sometime next week. 

Happy Hurricane Season!  Let the hoarding of supplies begin!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Do you hear that????

Yeah, neither do I!  The kids are back in school today and the IO is out on a job so for the first time in a LONG time, I have the house to myself!  Oh the quiet, oh the luxury!  Other than making myself some coffee and breakfast, I've done very little today.  I've watched a couple of shows I dvr'd.  I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading.   AND I get to post on my blog w/o a million interuptions! 

We start the year out with a fifth grader

and an 8th grader.

This will be the last year for them in their respective schools.  Next year I will no longer have a child in elementary school but I WILL have a high schooler.  How is this possible?  And I'm already getting emotional with this being Baby Girl's last year in elementary school.  I think what makes it worse is I'm not ready to leave the elementary school yet.  I've been there for 9 years now and I really like the ppl.  I may have to volunteer a few times next year just to help me adjust! 

Most of last week had me organizing and going thru stuff to get ready for this new school year, which made me reflect on what I didn't get done this summer.  I went back to read my end of school year post and had to laugh.  This is what I wrote.....

Now that school is out, I'm hoping that I'll be getting more projects done. And that I'm not as delusional as I think I'm being. My high hopes always start when school is over and then when school starts back up again.

I'll reread this again when school starts back up and quietly chuckle at my thoughts that I've typed right now........

I have such high hopes!!!  LOL   

Come back tomorrow, I promise to have knitting updates.  Meanwhile,  here is Princess squeezing her size boot box body into a size sneaker box box!
I do TOO fit!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cant think of a good title so let's just get on with the post.

This is the last one of the season.

I had a couple more on the other tomato plant but they just basically shrivelled up from all the heat.  I think this year I'm going to try what the master gardener at Epcot said, start your garden in Sept.  Our fall and winter is similar to the spring up North and he gets his best harvests in  Dec.  So we'll see.  I've started some cilantro and basil from seed and I've actually got something sprouting!  Let's see how long before I kill it.  BTW, the tomato was DELICIOUS!

On a knitting note, I'm making progress on the kitty blanket.

I didnt realize I had done as much as I did until I took this picture.  I usually just pull out the in progress portion of the blanket, knit on it and shove it back in the bag.

Day 3 Challenge: Makes You Smile:

He is SUCH a guy!!!! and he makes me smile.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Challenge Day 2

When I started this challenge I never said I'd do them daily!  LOL  I'm lucky I get on these days.  We are down one computer (again) and the second computer that the IO uses is down to bare bones. 

This is what happens when the 'F' key pops off.  It still works but the wifi in the computer was in the screen and now the IO has it rigged with wires. Meanwhile the kids just look at me.  And I shake my head.

Speaking of kids, they are my Day 2 Challenge

20 Day Challenge - Day 2:  Someone I love

This isnt the best pic of the kids together, but it's one of my favorites.  We were in one of those photo booths that they had in the M&M store and after we took pictures, it showed a video of what we looked like getting ready for the next shot.  I took pictures of that video and this is one of the shots.  Any picture that shows a natural smile from my teenage boy is always a keeper!

Anybody sign up for the RavelwhatevertheycallitnowOlympics on Ravelry?  I did and I'm glad I only tagged one of my projects.  I decided to work on a project that hadn't been worked on in awhile.  The rules made it so that no knitting had been done since the beginning of May and my project was from April.  I finished it last night.

They are some fingerless mitts that I made for Baby Girl using the leftover yarn from a hat I made her at the beginning of the year.  They fit her great and I only have an ounce of the yarn left.  Just trying to figure out if I should add it to a kitty blanket or make one more thing out of it.......

The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I combined the design from the men's hand warmers with the sizing from the women's.  The first mitt took me 3 days in April.  I did the second one last night.  The yarn I used was Everyday Worsted in parfait.  I'm not sure of the wear on this yarn, but I LOVE the softness of it. 

I'm off to add the final tags in Ravelry to get credit for a finish.  I'm glad I got the mitts done, but I did find out that when I sit down to watch the Olympics, I WATCH the Olympics and get very little done elsewhere.   Probably wont join the next time around. 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

20 Day Challenge

With all the photo opportunities we have these days (even if its just the latest haircut you got), most photo social networks have challenges to help you narrow down all the possibilities.  Instagram is no exception.  While I personally dont have an Instagram account, I know ppl who do and they've talked abt the latest challenge.  Apparently there is a daily challenge that changes from month to month, but for those who cant keep up with  that kind of commitment (like me), they also have a generic 20 day challenge.  This is right up my alley.  Here is a list for those of you who want to play.
My goal was to start yesterday, and while I'm already behind, I still think I got a shot at this.  So here we go!

Day 1:  Old picture of me.
First Day of School EVER!

Since we are getting geared up for school to start in the next couple of weeks, I thought this would be appropriate.  I remember my mom peeking into the window after school started to see if I was ok.  She cried, I didn't.  I was SO ready for school.  I also remember being disappointed.  I was supposed to learn how to read harder books than what I had at home.  What was up with learing abt colors and counting to 10?!?!  I KNEW that already!  Later on I found out that first grade can be hard on kids and that they use those days to get them used to a new situation.  Plus it was a recap of kindergarten. 

Whatever, I just wanted to read!

So there you have it.  If you decide to play, make sure you let me know.  I'm a bit behind on my blog reading and I'd hate to miss your post.  Let's hope I can keep this up!!!!


New York funny story #2: 

Living in Central Florida means I have access to stores that are open 24/7.  Walmart and Walgreens come to mind.  And while I live in the Bible belt, you can basically buy alcohol any time you want.  Grocery stores sell beer and wine, and Walgreens has a liquor store attached to it.  I can buy beer at 9AM if I so choose, even if it's a Sunday.  Our gas stations even sell beer and wine.  I'm not condoning any of this, just want to give you an idea of what we've come to expect in our neck of the woods. 

When we stopped to get gas in Maryland, the IO wanted to get a 6 pack for when we arrived at our hotel in NY.  We didnt know when we'd stop again and this way we'd have it for later on.  The look of  horror on the faces of the ppl in the store was classic.  Why on earth would ANYBODY sell beer at a gas station?!?!   

Fast forward a couple of hours later in NJ and we try again, this time at a grocery store.  Again the look of surprise on their faces was his answer.  Apparently you can only get beer and wine at a liquor store, NOT in a grocery store.  Since it was SUNDAY at 10pm, even the liquor store was closed.   The only place we could go for beer was at a bar. 

Needless to say the IO never got his beer that night.