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Saturday Sky

Still can't find my camera cord, but I found out where I can put my memory card into my computer so we've got pictures again!  Just in time for Saturday Sky.
Big puffy clouds and in the 80s.  Not a bad day for the first day of Winter!!

I also finished #1 Son's hat.

He loves it and has worn it a couple of times already, regardless of the weather!

I have two more hats started and may start another slouchy hat to make three going at once.  When I was working on #1 Son's hat, I was getting kind of low with yarn.  When I went to double check how much yarn I had left over from Baby Girl's hat (same pattern and same brand of yarn) I noticed I had to use part of a second skein!!! 

uh oh.....

I kept knitting until I ran out of yarn.  I had 11 rows left.  Ugh.  I didn't want to use another brand of yarn to finish this hat so I went to JoAnn's to get more.  THANKFULLY I found a couple of skeins in a corner bin.  Apparently it's not a color my JoAnn's carries …

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
we actually had frost on the roof this AM!!!  Number One Son has to be at school early and there is an area that is near the school that is lower than the rest.  Not only was it very foggy (it literally looked like a cloud and you could NOT see the street) but almost every house had frost on it.  Meanwhile Saturday will be a high of 83.

I am thinking... I want to get a lot done by Monday but am also thinking I wont get as much done as I'd like.....  story of my life.  I really want to play with fabric right now but will probably save that for the next couple of weeks.

I am thankful... for the walk I just took.  Sometimes I get stuck inside my mind and I just gotta get out there to clear the cobwebs out.  It's also 62 degrees outside and sunny so what's my excuse NOT to go outside?!?

In the kitchen... I'm trying to cook more, esp since Baby Girl is still having problems with her gut.  Yesterday was Grandma's Chicken (if you've been r…

Outside my window...
it's been warm.  Like REALLY warm.  While the rest of the US is in a deep freeze, we are almost breaking heat records.  My thermometer hanging outside said 86 earlier today.  Right now a *cool* front is going thru and we are now at 79.  I do NOT want what you guys are getting up north, but its the middle of December and I'm sweating with the a/c on.  I'll send some heat if any of you want to send some of your cold.  The average should give us something in the 50s and we'd all be happy!

I am thinking... I really should attack that pile of laundry that is sitting next to me.

I am thankful... that this house is starting to feel like a home.  Still lots to do, but we're getting rooms together, and boxes are slowly leaving my living room.

In the kitchen... not much.  I've got one burner that doesn't work and another one that takes FOREVER to get hot.   It takes me almost 7 min to boil a pot of water.  This leaves me with two small bur…

When the knitting is hiding......

Last week I really wanted to work on something and since the knitting was hiding I worked on whatever I could find.  Out came Bag Ladies.

Who remembers this one??  If you do, then you've been reading for awhile because the last time I posted this was back in 2010!!!  That's also the last time I worked on it.  I still like it so out it came.  Then I remembered why it's not done.  Those half stitches are horrible!!!  Normally I would say they would be fantastic because you are only doing half the work, but it distorts the fabric something fierce and it can be a bit of a pain to make sure you hit the right holes.  I finished the green bag off and worked a bit more on the yellow bag. 

I still think it's adorable and will try to keep working on her.  I also found Queen Ann's Lace but I haven't worked on her since 2007!  It's a L&L pattern and between the million color changes and the itty bitty 32ct linen I started it on, it really wont see much action.  I …

A Productive Weekend

I'm slowly chipping away at this house and I'm trying to leave the wknds for my craft room.  Since I seem to have a ton of hobbies that I don't spend nearly enough time doing,  I've decided to attack them one at a time. 

First up was my knitting/yarn collection.  I pulled out all the yarn from my room, the craft room and the garage and came up with this. 

I posted this yesterday.  After two days of separating into classifications (charity yarn, sock yarn, cotton, misc worsted weight, misc other weights, enough yarn for projects but no patterns, projects with yarn and pattern, on going projects)  I ended up with this.

Much better, right?  It looks so organized and I'm rather proud of myself.  Other than the charity yarn, everything else is on Ravelry.  THAT'S what took the better part of the wknd.  Making sure I had it posted AND with a picture. 

This bin is strictly sock yarn only.

I was going to dump it out and make a pretty rainbow like I did a couple year…

FINALLY Saturday!

This has been a week where I have been gone more than I've been home.  This does no bode well for cooking or unpacking (even though I have unpacked 5 boxes, yes I'm counting the ones that only had two items in it.  Unpacked is unpacked!)  Baby Girl is sick and they cant figure out what is wrong with her.  She's nauseous and a bit dizzy.  My original pediatrician suddenly got up and moved to NC back in July (ticked me off because we were there in June and there was NO mention of this; not in the office, not in the mail) and I've been trying to find a replacement since.  I was never really fond of her so there is no love lost, but trying to find another dr is a pain.  I've asked around and the one that is a favorite just moved 30 miles away.  I really don't want to travel that far for a dr but two of my friends will still travel that because, as they've both said, "she's that good".  We went to a clinic this past Thursday and the "doctor&qu…

Saturday Sky

So I finished #1 Son's slouchy hat.  YEAH!!!! 

The bad news is it's too poofy for #1 Son.   See?

 It is now Baby Girl's hat.

This yarn is different from the other slouchy hat I made and it doesn't drape as much. The back sticks out more and it just doesn't look right on #1 Son. 

So I shopped JoAnn's on Thursday to get yarn 40% off AND free shipping!!!!  Guess what I ordered?!?!?!   

ONE SKEIN OF YARN!  That was it!!!  I was very proud of myself too!  I looked at sock yarn and fabric that was on sale and just kept thinking of all the yarn and fabric I have upstairs and had absolutely no desire to buy any more than what I needed. 

I also came across some yarn that was stuck in a Target bag that apparently had some holes in it.  Amazing what moths can find when they are hungry.  I ended up tossing abt 6 skeins of cashmere/wool blended yarn.   Since I would have only bought that yarn if it was on sale, it made it a bit easier to throw out.  My stash is normally …

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
it is dark since it is after midnight, and it is thundering.  We are getting the tail end of that horrible storm that's going across the eastern US which will bring in cooler weather for us.  Tomorrow (tonight?) they are forecasting lows in the 30s in parts of Ocala. 

I am thinking... I am loving this weather!

I am thankful... that we will get cold but not so cold for snow.

In the kitchen...  tonight was the first night that I actually cooked dinner in this house.  It's about time too!  I still cant find all my pots and pans, but I made due with a smaller pan for Grandma's Chicken.  The stove is different plus my big burner doesn't work.  I really need to get my list of issues together for the property manager.

I am wearing... a big blue t-shirt for jammies. 

I am creating...  I have abt 40 more rows on #1 Son's hat before I can start the decreases.  He's already asking for it.

I am going... to work a bit more in my craft room tomor…

And now for something a little different

As I slowly unpack boxes I am finding things that I need for my knitting.  I have found my Denise needles and thankfully the ones I needed were in the box (the rest are tied in with other projects that are still MIA) so I was able to cast on for not just one but TWO new projects!

As I was cleaning out a dresser drawer I found I used two cotton dish cloths that I knit up awhile back.  I tried making a few but I don't really use them and apparently I decided to line my one drawer with these particular two dish cloths.  What a great idea!  So while I'm trying to find where I packed my socks, I decided to cast on for a dish towel for one of the bathroom drawers.

I'm using this pattern for the dish towel and I'm using the I Love This Cotton brown yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby a week ago.  I really like this yarn, normally cotton yarn tends to hurt my hands as I knit with it, but this yarn feels more like a soft acrylic than a cotton.  I could see this yarn being used for a l…

Monday Morning-ish Update

WARNING:  Ungrateful, whiny rant ahead.  If you feel the need to be judgmental,  move along. 

Proceed with caution.   You have been warned.

I hate moving.  We moved 9 times in 11 years before we moved into our last house.  The day we moved in I told the IO that he would have to bury me in the backyard because I was NOT doing that again!

Fast forward 16 years and here we are.


This time with two additional people and 16 years of baggage (both physical and mental).  All of the stuff from the old house is out.  Completely.  Nothing is left.  The IO even brought the garbage because he was afraid he'd throw something out that I wanted (probably how the moldy taco got packed away). 

However if I thought my house was chaotic and a mess before, this is ten times worse.  I have yet to cook.  I have pots and pans, dishes and bowls and forks, but no knives.  I have bought sponges twice already and have yet to find one. 

I cannot find my vacuum receipt which means I have yet to vacu…

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.......

......and I'm hoping it's not an oncoming train!

The Great Move of 2013 is almost complete.  Thank goodness!!!  This has been the MOST chaotic, hectic, disorganized move ever!  Before we lived in this house we moved 9 times in 11 years.  However it was just me and the IO and the longest we ever lived anywhere was abt 4 years.  This move came after living in the house for 16 years AND  two additional ppl!  

The good news is that nothing broke, but we did get a few new scrapes on a couple of pieces of furniture.

The highlights of this move?

---My new vacuum of one month died.  I need to find the receipt to return it and get another one.

---NEVER have a yard sale the same day you plan on moving.  WAY too much work in one day.

---We ran out of boxes and had to unload boxes in order to reload.  Garbage bags were eventually used.

---We had the power shut off a few days after we *thought* we'd be done.  #1 Son and I raced to finish packing before it got too dark to see.  The IO had …

The Saga Continues.........

Nine days ago I had over two weeks until my yard sale and another two weeks before we moved.  Seven days ago I found out I read the calendar wrong and I only had one week before my yard sale but two weeks before we were moving. 

Thursday I found out that I will not be having a yard sale this wknd because the house sold sooner than expected and I have to be out by the 13th.  YIKES!!  We call up the property management co of the house we are renting to see if we can move in sooner.  Yes we can!  So we quickly scrounge around to get enough money for the final payments to move in (remember I thought I had 4 weeks before I needed all the deposits, etc) 

Yesterday we drive out to the mgmt. company to sign the new lease and get things rolling (cleaning the house, put in a new lock on the front door, etc).  The original meeting time was 10am, but was then moved to noon to give them time to prepare everything for us to sign.  We  didn't get there until almost 1:30 because they are located…

Feline Fridays


Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
it's 80 degrees outside.  It should feel comfortably warm, but I'm cleaning and sorting so I'm feeling warmer than I should.

I am thinking... actually it's more like NOT thinking/losing my mind.  We are moving very soon.  I went over the budget and figured that I have 4 paychecks until we move into the house.  That means I have 4 weeks to move, leaving me 2 weeks to get ready for a yard sale.  Then I looked at the calendar.  One of the paychecks I was counting was the following day.  This meant we were actually moving in 3 weeks and I had only one week to sort and get ready for a yard sale.  As of right now my yard sale is in 3 days instead of 10!

I am thankful... that no matter what happens with this house, no matter who decides to look at it, no matter what the banks decide, I have a new place that we are moving into.  For that I am VERY thankful!

In the kitchen... I actually am still cooking.  I don't want to spend money on eating ou…