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End of Year Stats

For the sake of this post, let's pretend its the beginning of Jan instead of the end, shall we??  The fact that I planned on posting this a month ago leads me to believe that 2013 is going to seriously fly by! 

ANYway how was everybody's new year???  I'm hoping safe and fun.  As the year wraps up I like to take into account what I've accomplished.  So here we go with my end of year stats:

Socks:  6prHats:  5Ponchos: 2 (but we wont go there)Art installation:  1 (that was my beige rectangle that I sent to a woman in the UK back in April.  I havent heard or seen anything since.  Oh well)Fingerless mitts:  1Baby Sweater:   1Kitty blanket:  3Basket:  1Sunglass case:  1
Total projects completed: 21

Total yarn used up:  5.6lbs/4593yds

that's the same as 2.6 miles or a small baby!  Makes me feel like I've accomplished a LOT when I look at it that way!

fast forward to today

I already have a finish, my socks:

These came out really well and I've already worn them.  We&#…

Friday Felines

Why look at kitty pictures when you've got the real thing right here??

Feline Fridays

This is Tiger. For those of you who dont remember Tiger, she is the kitty that #1 Son picked out from the shelter at the same time we got Princess.

 Tiger is the kind of cat that would do well in a quiet house with no other cats to bother her. I do not have a house like that. At the beginning of 2012 she decided to spend time two doors down. We call that neighbor the Cat Lady. The Cat Lady is a very nice woman who has 3 kitties of her own, but they are INDOORS. Tiger has the entire backyard to herself. Tiger likes this so she now lives with the Cat Lady.

Since Tiger is a cat I don't take it personally (much. I've gotten used to the rejection). As long as she's healthy and happy, I am too. Months can go by and I wont see her. Then there will be a day where no other cats (or people) are around and I'll be outside cleaning out the car or attempting to garden when I'll hear a meow. We have a conversation (she'll meow in the beginning but I do most…

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...

It's actually warm out!!  It's 76 right now with an expected high of 82 later this afternoon.  In fact the rest of the week is supposed to be highs of 80.  January is usually our coldest month and I'm really not happy that the temps are as warm as they are. 

I am thinking...
that I need to go grocery shopping.

I am thankful...
that I have a grocery store to go to. 

In the kitchen...
I made Grandma's Chicken last night and I actually had a piece of chicken left over that I ate for lunch.  I thought it was enough but I'm finding myself still hungry.  There isn't anything in the house to eat, hence the need to grocery shop.

I am wearing...
grey pants and a school t-shirt. 

I am creating...
my sock has been slow going.  I did a few more rounds on the gusset last night but I'm still not done with it.  I think 6 more rows should do it...

I am going...
to the gym.  I almost hate to mention it here since I dont know how long it will las…

I think I got it now.....

Blogger can be such a pain sometimes! Actually more than sometimes but I'm too lazy to try to change everything over so I deal with Blogger and also my beach background. Gotta love the *simplicity* of it all. While I cant post pictures in the compose tab, I CAN in the HTML tab so here we go.

  Man we were YOUNG there!!!  This is what we look like now.

The black blob in the IO's arms on the table above is Sheba.  Sheba is the reason my husband is a cat person.  He found her on a job site back in his construction days and when he called her over, she ran up to him, climbed up his jeans and went into his work pouch!  It was all over!!! 

She was blacker than black which made her really difficult to photograph.  She was our Egyptian kitty cat because when she sat down, she looked like those royal cats etched in the Egyptian tombs.  We weren't even married a year when we got her.  She was in her 20th year of life when she died.  I still miss her. 

I'm not quite finished…

Feline Friday Festivities

Twenty-seven years ago these young children were married.
 (insert cute young picture here)

Normally I'd post the picture of us on our wedding day, but I chose this one instead.  It includes our first kitty as a married couple.  Sheba.  She is the reason the IO is a cat person.  He had pets growing up but it wasnt until Sheba crawled up into his work pouch (he was a wood trim carpenter back in the day) and won his heart. 

(insert cute picture of black kitty here)

Well apparently blogger is being a pain and wont allow me to post pictures of anything!!!!    I finished one sock and started the other

(insert finished sock here) 

(insert cuff of second sock here)

and I'm seeing the difference between the two skeins.  One has deeper richer colors and the other skein is  a bit more muted AND it's wrapped the opposite way so all the striping is in opposite order.  I'm glad I didnt go nuts with making sure all the striped matched!!!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post p…