End of Year Stats

For the sake of this post, let's pretend its the beginning of Jan instead of the end, shall we??  The fact that I planned on posting this a month ago leads me to believe that 2013 is going to seriously fly by! 

ANYway how was everybody's new year???  I'm hoping safe and fun.  As the year wraps up I like to take into account what I've accomplished.  So here we go with my end of year stats:

  • Socks:  6pr
  • Hats:  5
  • Ponchos: 2 (but we wont go there)
  • Art installation:  1 (that was my beige rectangle that I sent to a woman in the UK back in April.  I havent heard or seen anything since.  Oh well)
  • Fingerless mitts:  1
  • Baby Sweater:   1
  • Kitty blanket:  3
  • Basket:  1
  • Sunglass case:  1

Total projects completed: 21

Total yarn used up:  5.6lbs/4593yds

that's the same as 2.6 miles or a small baby!  Makes me feel like I've accomplished a LOT when I look at it that way!

fast forward to today

I already have a finish, my socks:

These came out really well and I've already worn them.  We've had some cool days here that required nice warm wool socks and they were perfect.  I really enjoyed knitting them.  The yarn is by Red Heart, Heart and Sole in Razzle Dazzle.  Really fun yarn. 

I started another pair in Regia bamboo, but I'm not thrilled with them.

I've tried knitting socks with bamboo, but I dont like the floppiness of them.  I want to finish the sock to see how it fits when done, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna like it.  Which means I dont work on it much.  We'll see how long it takes before I rip it all out.......

I DID rip out this scarf. 

I made a mistake in it and usually mistakes dont bother me, but this one just seemed to scream at me every time I worked on it.  The only way to shut it up was to rip it out.  The yarn ball is in time out.

So with so many projects giving me fits, I've been devoting time to my afghan.  I've finished up a few more squares

and am working on more.  So far I've done 10 blocks this month and hope to finish up a couple more.  I need abt 27 more before its big enough.

So how is everybody's first month in the new year going?  I've missed out on a lot of blog reading and hope to get caught up soon.....I miss everybody!


kathy b said…
WOw you have done a lot of knitting even in one month.

Your squares look even and lovely. are they 1x1 ribs?

My new year is going well knitwise. I am about 1/4 finished with my blanket. I am half finished witha pair of socks.

My son has a new idea for a hat and that's on the docket next. !
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. I absolutely love your new socks. The color is awesome.
I almost fell out of the chair when I read that the yarn ball was on time it. I love it. I need to steal that phrase.
Your squares look great. If you worked on them last year, why didn't you add them to your list.


PS Its about time for my Hemi fix.

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