Feline Friday Festivities

Twenty-seven years ago these young children were married.
 (insert cute young picture here)

Normally I'd post the picture of us on our wedding day, but I chose this one instead.  It includes our first kitty as a married couple.  Sheba.  She is the reason the IO is a cat person.  He had pets growing up but it wasnt until Sheba crawled up into his work pouch (he was a wood trim carpenter back in the day) and won his heart. 

(insert cute picture of black kitty here)

Well apparently blogger is being a pain and wont allow me to post pictures of anything!!!!    I finished one sock and started the other

(insert finished sock here) 

(insert cuff of second sock here)

and I'm seeing the difference between the two skeins.  One has deeper richer colors and the other skein is  a bit more muted AND it's wrapped the opposite way so all the striping is in opposite order.  I'm glad I didnt go nuts with making sure all the striped matched!!!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post pictures of all that I've talked abt.  Gotta love technology.....


Linda said…
Love the pics Lynn. lol I posted my organized chaos on my blog.

Susan said…
Happy anniversary!
kathy b said…
Happy Anniversary and I would love to see the cat that converted him !!!

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