Feline Fridays

This is Tiger. For those of you who dont remember Tiger, she is the kitty that #1 Son picked out from the shelter at the same time we got Princess.

 Tiger is the kind of cat that would do well in a quiet house with no other cats to bother her. I do not have a house like that. At the beginning of 2012 she decided to spend time two doors down. We call that neighbor the Cat Lady. The Cat Lady is a very nice woman who has 3 kitties of her own, but they are INDOORS. Tiger has the entire backyard to herself. Tiger likes this so she now lives with the Cat Lady.

Since Tiger is a cat I don't take it personally (much. I've gotten used to the rejection). As long as she's healthy and happy, I am too. Months can go by and I wont see her. Then there will be a day where no other cats (or people) are around and I'll be outside cleaning out the car or attempting to garden when I'll hear a meow. We have a conversation (she'll meow in the beginning but I do most of the talking) and she lets me pet her head. She will not allow me to pick her up or to pet more than her head (I might be able to pet her back but that's on a case by case situation). Then she sits under the neighbor's car (still near but not near enough to touch her) and watches me. About 10 min later she's done and goes back home.

As I type this I realize how much of a cat person I am because I'm willing to go thru this *dance* just to pet her.

Tiger is a true cat and I am a true cat lady.


Jennifer said…
Oh my gosh - love the story and that picture of Tiger in the dryer with her legs tucked under her body. It looks kind of painful and comfortable at the same time!
kathy b said…
OH you do know cats!!! Im glad you love her as she is.

They are certainly not dogs right????
I love cats for their domesticating US!
Linda said…
Cute pics of Tiger. At least she does come for a visit every so often.

Anonymous said…
Good for you for allowing Tiger to be herself. One of the things I love about cats is their independent nature. They either choose you, or not, and if we truly care about them, we accept them as is. I'm sure she appreciates what you have sacrificed, and that is why she comes to visit on occasion. :) As you said, she is healthy and seems happy. If we love them, we let them go, right? :)
stitcherw said…
Yup, cats do seem to go there own way. That's great she's found someplace she's comfortable and that she comes back for the occational visit with you. What a sweetie.
Anonymous said…
Really? In the dryer????? ROFL

She's certainly unique.

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