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Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my was a weird day.  It was lousy weather earlier while that major storm system passed thru.  I'll take heavy rain and tornado watches over feet of snow thankyouverymuch!!  Once the storm passed and the front went thru, the weather was beautiful!  We're back to cold weather later this wknd.

I am thinking...that I need to trim the tree branches that are around my chimney.  I've warned the IO abt it, but now I have evidence that it's dangerous to have a fire until it's trimmed up.  The leaves around the chimney are brown and dead. 

I am thankful...for all the rain that has made my tree less dry and kindling-worthy.

In the kitchen...I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.  Italian Sloppy Joes.  I always have such high hopes for Sloppy Joes.  I like the idea of them, but I never seem to like the actual Joe.  I wont be making them again.

I am wearing...pajamas.

I am creating...the same afghan.  I took a picture of all the blocks I ha…

Simple Woman's Daybook

It must be Tues because it's time for the Simple Woman's Daybook post.  Remember if you want to play, go here.


Outside my window...  we've started on our warming trend.  It was COLD over the wknd, and while it was chilly this AM, by the time I took #1 Son to school, he really didnt need a jacket.  I expect a high of 79 today.  By Saturday they are saying it will be a high of 88.  Ick.  Too early for it, but the weather this winter has been weird so I guess we're right on track!

I am thinking... that I'm getting a jump start to the day.  I've already had my coffee, got a load of laundry going, got all my school related emails sent out, AND I'm posting early!  I haven't gone on Facebook yet which is a BIG reason why.  Once I get on FB, I'm on for awhile. 

I am thankful... for allergy meds.  Allergies (which in turn triggers asthma) has been BAD this year.  Without the meds I dont even wanna know what it'd be like for my family.  Meanwhile …

Saturday Sky

Another beautiful day here in Central Florida. 

It was a bit warmer this AM (around 67) but the temps are dropping (62 and BREEZY) and we expect to have a freeze tonight.  Last week we're at 84, tonight we get frost warnings.  Gives me hope I might still get cool weather by the time I finish my afghan.  I'm still churing out squares.  Finished three yesterday and started another today.  I have abt 16 more to go. 

With that being said, I'm actually getting in the mood to stitch!  Haven't done that in awhile and I'm thinking of pulling something up to work on.  Cranking out all these squares tends to make my hands cramp up and the switching might do my hands good.

What's on your agenda for this wknd??

Flashback Feline Friday

Thought some pics from the current kitties as kittens would be fun to see.
I'm pretty sure they've been posted in the past (circa 2007) but they are some of my favorites.....

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Dont forget, if you want to play go here and make sure you post so I can check yours out.


Outside my window...  It's kind of a cloudy day.  We had a front go thru and it was actually a bit chilly in my t-shirt and sweats this AM but it's gotten humid which has made it weird.  Humidity will do that to weather.  According to WeatherUnderground it is 65 degrees. 

I am thinking...I'm mentally planning on what I want to do the rest of this week.  I've been busy at the two schools these past three days (PTO meeting,  Parent University at one school, AP course info at another school, parts @ th KH, etc)  so I'm saving today and tomorrow for house stuff.  I'm REALLY far behind in laundry and that needs to be rebooted. 

I am thankful...for coffee.  It gives me the extra energy to keep up with everything.  This makes me laugh because when I worked for a NY newspaper's Advertising Department I didnt need coffee.  Make me a stay at home mom with two kids, BAM!…

Monday Morning Madness

FINALLY I have both kids back in school today!  Allergies have hit them hard here at Happy Acres, especially for #1 Son.  He's been out the most, this time being a week,  but today they are both healthy (enough) to enjoy the fruits of today's educational system. 

Once I dropped them off I drove thru Mcdonalds for their $1 coffee and a McGriddle (had to get the appropriate caffeine and grease to start the day) when I had a wonderful surprise;  apparently one of the moms I know from school was ahead of me and paid for my breakfast!!!!  What a great way to start a Monday!!!

I needed that too since I've had a headache for 3 days.  I have my suspicions to what's causing it, but I can't do much abt it yet.  Still working on that one.......I think I need to knit more. 

Speaking of knitting, I've decided that I may not be able to control a lot of what's going on in my life right now, but I *can* control what I knit.  Which means this is out

and this is in

I hadn&…

(Non)Snowy Saturday Sky

Here's hoping that all my northern friends kept their electric during Nemo.  For such a small fish, it sure packed a wallop!!!  Meanwhile we had a typical Florida winter day.....

I think we hit a high of 72 in my neck of the woods.  It's a perk of living in FLorida.   The universe balances itself out come Aug when we are in the center of the sun hot. 

Which explains the life of a snowbird.

I've been playing with technology all day today trying to get pics off my phone and into my computer.  I have a not-so-smart phone so alot of times it's just easier to email me my pics, but today I tried downloading it all.  First of all I have a LOT  on my phone, like over 1000+ images.  However after a half hour it only downloaded 130 pics until it locked up.  Then my SD card said it was *missing* and my pictures were gone!!!   As I'm mentally figuring out who I've emailed and where I've posted pics over the past YEAR I powered down my phone.  When it came back up I su…

Saturday Sky

We've been having some GREAT weather here in Orlando.  Sunny and comfortable!  The nights have dipped down into the 40s (or 30s depending on where you live) but I'm so not complaining!!!  Today's sky looks like a sheet of paper.

Yesterday was really cool!!!!  We had cloud formations that were just spectacular!!!  I posted one on facebook but Blogger is giving me fits in posting that one so instead I'll show you the one I took at a friend's house. 


Our internet still isnt the greatest which makes getting on line a royal pain so its a hit or miss with me posting.   Knitwise I'm only working on my afghan.  I've done abt 3 or 4 more squares.   I havent touched the sock and I'm not sure if I will continue with it.  I'm just not enjoying it.  I'm finding out I dont really enjoy knitting with bamboo and this is what's in this yarn.  This may mean a cleaning out of bamboo yarn in the stash..............If anybody likes bamboo, I'm wil…