Monday Morning Madness

FINALLY I have both kids back in school today!  Allergies have hit them hard here at Happy Acres, especially for #1 Son.  He's been out the most, this time being a week,  but today they are both healthy (enough) to enjoy the fruits of today's educational system. 

Once I dropped them off I drove thru Mcdonalds for their $1 coffee and a McGriddle (had to get the appropriate caffeine and grease to start the day) when I had a wonderful surprise;  apparently one of the moms I know from school was ahead of me and paid for my breakfast!!!!  What a great way to start a Monday!!!

I needed that too since I've had a headache for 3 days.  I have my suspicions to what's causing it, but I can't do much abt it yet.  Still working on that one.......I think I need to knit more. 

Speaking of knitting, I've decided that I may not be able to control a lot of what's going on in my life right now, but I *can* control what I knit.  Which means this is out

and this is in

I hadn't touched my sock in a LONG time, I just didnt enjoy knitting with the yarn.  I even went down a needle size and the bamboo just felt too floppy.  Off the needles it came and soon that Jitterbug will replace it.  So this means another type of fiber I've found that I dont care for, the other being alpaca.  Alpaca makes my eyes and throat itch.  Not a fun combination when I'm trying to work on a project.

What about you?  Have you come across a fiber or a yarn brand that just doesnt work for you?  Or if you are more of a glass half full kind of a person, what yarns can't you do without? 



kathy b said…
Ohh happy back to school day!!!

I cannot knit with some silk yarns because of the way they tangle when I try ti ball them up.

I cannot do without lorna's laces sock yarns
I am in love with my cherry tree hill yarn from is as good as promised.

I cannot knit lace, so lace weight is ouT!
Anonymous said…
Fixation! 'nuff said.
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. I love the colors in the second ball. 99% of my yarn is Red Heart Super Saver. That is what Walmart sells and what I can afford.


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