(Non)Snowy Saturday Sky

Here's hoping that all my northern friends kept their electric during Nemo.  For such a small fish, it sure packed a wallop!!!  Meanwhile we had a typical Florida winter day.....

I think we hit a high of 72 in my neck of the woods.  It's a perk of living in FLorida.   The universe balances itself out come Aug when we are in the center of the sun hot. 

Which explains the life of a snowbird.

I've been playing with technology all day today trying to get pics off my phone and into my computer.  I have a not-so-smart phone so alot of times it's just easier to email me my pics, but today I tried downloading it all.  First of all I have a LOT  on my phone, like over 1000+ images.  However after a half hour it only downloaded 130 pics until it locked up.  Then my SD card said it was *missing* and my pictures were gone!!!   As I'm mentally figuring out who I've emailed and where I've posted pics over the past YEAR I powered down my phone.  When it came back up I suddenly had all my pics back again.

Gotta love the reboot!!

With the weather being what it is, it's getting me in the mood to start some of this.

I've got some chives, basil and one other herb to start growing and figure this is a great time to start.  As usual, bets will be made to see how long I last this time.

I have only been focusing on one project lately and it's my afghan.  I've got a few more squares done.

Lots of pink this time.  I only need 20 more squares.  I'll probably be done in time for the heat!!!  And while I am VERY excited to get this afghan done (I started Oct 2011) there is a small part of me that wonders what my mindless project will be once it's done.  I always get a little sad when a major project is done.  It's the ending part of it and I hate endings.  Anybody else like that???


Anonymous said…
Glad you got your photos back.

I deleted one I didn't mean too and I was hoping someone else had downloaded it. You don't happen to have downloaded the two eagles in Sanford that I posted awhile back, did you?

I hate when I do that. :-(
Linda said…
Glad to hear you got your photos back Lynn. How about some mindless stitching. I wouldn't know about ending something, I don't seem to do that. lol


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