Saturday Sky

We've been having some GREAT weather here in Orlando.  Sunny and comfortable!  The nights have dipped down into the 40s (or 30s depending on where you live) but I'm so not complaining!!!  Today's sky looks like a sheet of paper.

Yesterday was really cool!!!!  We had cloud formations that were just spectacular!!!  I posted one on facebook but Blogger is giving me fits in posting that one so instead I'll show you the one I took at a friend's house. 


Our internet still isnt the greatest which makes getting on line a royal pain so its a hit or miss with me posting.   Knitwise I'm only working on my afghan.  I've done abt 3 or 4 more squares.   I havent touched the sock and I'm not sure if I will continue with it.  I'm just not enjoying it.  I'm finding out I dont really enjoy knitting with bamboo and this is what's in this yarn.  This may mean a cleaning out of bamboo yarn in the stash..............If anybody likes bamboo, I'm willing to trade.


Susan said…
Color me envious. We've been blasted this winter. Snow like crazy and alternating deep freeze/melting temps. What a mess! We're going to Puerto Vallarta again later this winter and looking forward to some warmth.

My sister's family is in Florida for two weeks again. I'm glad that the weather is nice.
kathy b said…
gorgeous skies!

What dont you like about bamboo????
Anonymous said…
Beautiful sunset!
Life's a Stitch said…
Thanks for reminding me the sky really is blue behind the cloud cover.

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