Saturday Sky

Another beautiful day here in Central Florida. 

It was a bit warmer this AM (around 67) but the temps are dropping (62 and BREEZY) and we expect to have a freeze tonight.  Last week we're at 84, tonight we get frost warnings.  Gives me hope I might still get cool weather by the time I finish my afghan.  I'm still churing out squares.  Finished three yesterday and started another today.  I have abt 16 more to go. 

With that being said, I'm actually getting in the mood to stitch!  Haven't done that in awhile and I'm thinking of pulling something up to work on.  Cranking out all these squares tends to make my hands cramp up and the switching might do my hands good.

What's on your agenda for this wknd??


kathy b said…
The kittens have eye goop, so I'll be putting in ointment twice aday into their adorable eyes. IM OFF this weekend
and so happy to be.

IM knitting and catching up on last weeks TV shows I missed: Modern family and Greys
Linda said…
Hi Lynn. So glad to hear your going to be doing some stitching. Can't wait to see what your going to work on.


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