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It must be Tues because it's time for the Simple Woman's Daybook post.  Remember if you want to play, go here.


Outside my window...  we've started on our warming trend.  It was COLD over the wknd, and while it was chilly this AM, by the time I took #1 Son to school, he really didnt need a jacket.  I expect a high of 79 today.  By Saturday they are saying it will be a high of 88.  Ick.  Too early for it, but the weather this winter has been weird so I guess we're right on track!

I am thinking... that I'm getting a jump start to the day.  I've already had my coffee, got a load of laundry going, got all my school related emails sent out, AND I'm posting early!  I haven't gone on Facebook yet which is a BIG reason why.  Once I get on FB, I'm on for awhile. 

I am thankful... for allergy meds.  Allergies (which in turn triggers asthma) has been BAD this year.  Without the meds I dont even wanna know what it'd be like for my family.  Meanwhile everybody I know is having major issues with their allergies, and yet I've had a very mild reaction this year.  Usually I'm dying from an infected head (ears and sinuses), but this year not so much...

In the kitchen... nothing at the moment.  I need to go grocery shopping but before I do that I need to figure out what I need, what sales are going on, what coupons I can use and what I want to make for dinner the rest of the week.  Sometimes it just too much to think abt, making McDonald's an easy choice.  However I'm trying to cut back on drive thru food which requires me to do the above.  I think I'll do that next.....

I am wearing... a red SanDiego big t-shirt, blue plaid sleep pants (older than time which makes them extremely soft!) and hot pink kitty socks.  Add my purple robe and you've got what I wore when I dropped the kids off as school.  Yes, I'm THAT mom.

I am creating... on Saturday I said I was itching to stitch, and that's exactly what I did!  I didn't feel like having to decide which project to work on which made the kit such an easy one to pick!  It's a Bucilla Kit called the Lord is My Shepherd.  It's a pic of a sheep with a heart on it's hip and backstitching for the words.  I wont be adding the words, I bought the kit for the sheep.  Here's what I've got so far.

I am going... to try and focus on one room per day this week to work on.  I love the FLY Lady and the 15 min a day in a room really motivates me to get started, but sometimes it just seems that I'm *flying* from room to room w/o getting much accomplished.  I still like the 15 min idea, but I want to incorporate a focal point as well.  We'll see how that goes.

I am wondering... if I'll ever get caught up.  Who am I kidding, nah!!  I enjoy too many things to be fully caught up.  As long as I'm not overwhelmingly behind, I consider myself good!

I am reading... still on Smokin' Seventeen.  I'm getting really close to finishing.  It's due tomorrow (or close to it) and I'm not sure how to renew an ebook from the library.  Guess I'm gonna find out soon if I dont finish it off. 

I am hoping... I finish it off.

I am looking forward to... the Father/Daughter dance.  It's coming up in a couple of weeks and it will be Baby Girl's last one.  It's her last year in elementary school which means we are starting to have the *last one* of a few things coming up.  It's going to be a bittersweet spring, but an exciting fall. 

I am learning...  continuously.

Around the house... I'm seeing lots of projects that need to be done.  It's times like this I miss a landlord.

I am pondering... the benefits of nightmares in a middle aged woman.  I dont get nightmares anymore.  Adult life seems to have cured them.  And when I get a weird dream I usually wake myself up out of them.  Last night was different.  It was a dream that included my father, his 3rd wife, a grandbaby (his, not mine) and the IO and myself ending up in a bad part of town getting our heads blown off.  I have NO idea where this came from.  I woke up upset.  Then I tried to figure out why I had this dream.  It actually ticked me off.  All I kept thinking was how on earth was this dream supposed to benefit my mind.  What is going in the deep recesses of my psyche that conjured up such images?  That and the fact that I was already going to be sleep deprived today, the dream just added to that deprivation. 
So I counteracted by listening to 70s and 80s music on the way home from school.  Singing along to The Stray Cats or The Spiral Staircase makes a mind happy!  In fact the Spiral Staircase is still in my head.  "I love you more today than yesterday (insert trumpets here), but not as much as tomorrow!"

Now it's stuck in your head too.  You're welcome!

A favorite quote for today... I saw this on Facebook and felt it was perfect for a crafting blog.

One of my favorite yarn stash.  It makes me happy.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  selling tickets for the dance is the only thing written in my calendar, but I know that will change as the week goes on.

A peek into my day...

where's the wooly smell?


Anonymous said…
I HATE when I have strange dreams. Especially hate those that include my ex-husband. Sheesh --- that's 35 years ago. Why is he back??????
kathy b said…
JUst love to read about YOUR WINDOW to the world.
Love your new LORD IS MY SHEPARD SHEEP with the heart
Linda said…
Oh I'm so excited to see some stitching. Your sheep looks great. Gee thanks for the cold weather update. It started snowing here about an hour ago and we are only at the 1200' elevation. Thanks for the Hemi pic.

Anonymous said…
All things considered, it sounds as though all is well with you and your'n. That's a good thing. :)

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