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Outside my was a weird day.  It was lousy weather earlier while that major storm system passed thru.  I'll take heavy rain and tornado watches over feet of snow thankyouverymuch!!  Once the storm passed and the front went thru, the weather was beautiful!  We're back to cold weather later this wknd.

I am thinking...that I need to trim the tree branches that are around my chimney.  I've warned the IO abt it, but now I have evidence that it's dangerous to have a fire until it's trimmed up.  The leaves around the chimney are brown and dead. 

I am thankful...for all the rain that has made my tree less dry and kindling-worthy.

In the kitchen...I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.  Italian Sloppy Joes.  I always have such high hopes for Sloppy Joes.  I like the idea of them, but I never seem to like the actual Joe.  I wont be making them again.

I am wearing...pajamas.

I am creating...the same afghan.  I took a picture of all the blocks I have done and planned on posting them yesterday but the computer was reloaded and the software for my camera is missing.  I now need to find the disk to add that part.

I am going...bonkers with my computer issues.

I am I managed w/o my techy toys.....

I am reading...hmmmm.  I'm back to fan fiction.  I didnt finish Smokin' Seventeen and when I went to check it out on my e-reader, it wasn't available anymore.  Somebody else checked it out. 

I am hoping...that the IO finds work soon.  He's been out of work for awhile now and he REALLY needs to go back.  SO many reasons why.......

I am looking forward to...this wknd.  We've got the Father/Daughter Dance on Friday and a play produced by the local theatre youth troup on Saturday.  Both Baby Girl and #1 Son have friends in it.

I am hearing.....the hum of the bathroom fan and the meowing of an orange kitty named Hemi.  He wants to cuddle, but I'm moving too much for him so he keeps pacing the bed trying to get comfortable.

Around the house...I may be getting a new garage door soon.

I am pondering...the effects of sleep deprivation.

A favorite quote for today...another one from Facebook.

One of my favorite things...lunch out with the girls.  I havent done this in awhile and feel the need for female companionship.

A few plans for the rest of the week: see the above looking forward to

A peek into my day...
I'm confused, do I eat the nut now since it feels like summer or do I wait and bury it on Saturday when we have freeze warnings???
If you want to play, go here.


Anonymous said…
What happened to your garage door?

stitcherw said…
Love the quote, and the squirrel is perfect. We've been having that kind of crazy on again off again winter weather here too. I feel so bad for the animals, they must be totally confused on what to do. Looking forward to seeing an update of your afghan squares they are so pretty, I love afgans, especially in winter.
Linda said…
Great post Lynn. If Hemi needs cuddles, you can send him my way or I'll give my Sassy extra cuddles for Hemi.

kathy b said…
Always fun to read your thoughts.

I LOVE THAT instructional thought.

We are supposed to prune our trees now too and we have a half foot of snow! but they say its time at the Chicago BOtanic gardens so it must be

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