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Outside my window...  It's kind of a cloudy day.  We had a front go thru and it was actually a bit chilly in my t-shirt and sweats this AM but it's gotten humid which has made it weird.  Humidity will do that to weather.  According to WeatherUnderground it is 65 degrees. 

I am thinking...I'm mentally planning on what I want to do the rest of this week.  I've been busy at the two schools these past three days (PTO meeting,  Parent University at one school, AP course info at another school, parts @ th KH, etc)  so I'm saving today and tomorrow for house stuff.  I'm REALLY far behind in laundry and that needs to be rebooted. 

I am thankful...for coffee.  It gives me the extra energy to keep up with everything.  This makes me laugh because when I worked for a NY newspaper's Advertising Department I didnt need coffee.  Make me a stay at home mom with two kids, BAM!!!  start that mainline of caffeine!

In the kitchen...I am trying to go thru my fridge and use up some of the things hanging around instead of just waiting until they are too old to eat and  throwing them out.  Right now I have a quiche in the oven and it smells fabulous!!  It's a bit different than I normally make, but the rolled crust must have been in the freezer a bit too long because as it was defrosting, it was getting slimy.....ick.  So it's my normal recipe but crustless.  Can't wait to try it!
Later tonight will be a roasted chicken with potatoes, and green beans with parm.   YUM!  

I am orangy-peach-salmony colored shirt and grey sweatpants.

I am creating...more kinitted squares.  I think I have two more done.

I am going...thru paperwork.  I need to go thru bills (ick x 2) and see how much money is in the coffers. 

I am much money I can make on eBay.  I've got some kids' stuff  to sell and some old ballet things from Baby Girl's time at the barr.   I used to work with a guy that sold dirty socks.  Yes you read that right, DIRTY SOCKS!  He seemed somewhat normal and not the kind of guy that would sell that kind of stuff, but he did and he made MONEY!  (ick x 1Million!!)  I'll stick to my clientele of moms and knitters thankyouverymuch.

I am actual book!!!  Ok it's an eBook but it still counts!!!  Smokin Seventeen by Janet Evanovich.  I love her series of books, fun and entertaining, just what I need before I go to sleep.   However they can be a bit suspenseful so I tend to stay up late when I'm reading her. 

I am finish it before it disappears off my kindle.  It's the first time I used my library to borrow an eBook and I'm not sure what happens when my time is up.  If anything its incentive to read and finish the book!

I am looking forward tax refund.  I need to get caught up on bills AND get a new garage door.  Right now I dont have one and the City is giving us until mid March to put one back up.  This was an IO project.  Nuff said there......

I am learning..that my ideas for food planning and money budgeting are in the right ballpark, it's just my timing is all off.  That's the part I need to adjust.

Around the house...I have two loads of laundry sitting next to me on the bed that I will be folding once I'm done with this pulsating blog post!  I've got another in the dryer which means I have a washer just begging to be loaded.  Meanwhile Hemi is keeping the laundry warm.

I am long before I can take out that quiche, the house smells wonderful!!!!

A favorite quote for today... "Do you have a date for Valentine's Day?   Yep.  February 14th."  - Dwight  Schrute.  Hysterical.....

One of my favorite things...candy sales on Feb 15th.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'm hoping to hit the dollar theatre and see a funny movie with the family.

A peek into my day...




Anonymous said…
So,how WAS the quiche?

It's raining pretty steady here now. I think I can almost hear the grass saying thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I'm new around here and it was so nice to get to know you through the Simple Woman's Daybook questions. Hope you got the laundry folded and enjoyed your delicious dinner. Thanks for sharing a look at your day with us.

Linda said…
Oh my that quiche looks good. Something I've never made. And thanks for my Hemi fix. He looks so nice and cozy. Great day book post.

kathy b said…
THat quiche looks awesome...Crustless/ Well I never but now I can!

OUtside my window the February sun is low in the sky but it is not yet sunset. A red breasted nuthatch is busy flying to and from my nut feeder. There is more grass than snow on my lawn.
you sound like a great multi-tasker!

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