Feline & Fiber Arts Friday

In the past two days I've battled a migraine, a sick child (allergies have been BAD this year), a drs visit, threatening motivating said sick child to do make up work, missing prescriptions from pharmacy, missing ATM cards AND a broken coffee pot!!!

It's been a rough couple of days.  Which is why I'm happy that my inlaws are coming NEXT week instead of this wknd.  AND because of the insanity that is going on right now at Happy Acres, I've had to rearrange my schedule which alleviated some free time to attend the annual local quilt show!!!  I really thought I was going to miss it because there was no way I originally could go today.  So instead of focusing on all the crap going on, I choose to focus on the pretty blankets.

Well some of them were pretty.  Every year there are a few that make your eyes hurt.

I like the individual fabrics in this quilt, but it's really busy to me when they are put all together.

this one reminds me of sheets from the late seventies and then sort of slapped together.

cool concept but it makes my eyes hurt

I can't decide on this one.  I really like parts of it, but it is VERY bright and it probably glows under black light

You had your falling safety pin quilt.

a staple pattern for the past few years

Embellished quilts were popular.  A woman used up all her old doilies and hankies and added them to the blocks in her quilt.
I LOVE how she cut out the design from the doily!

There was a new to me technique.  These remind me of the watercolor quilts popular a few years back.  However they are put together a lot easier.  You make 9 patch squares and put those together to make the color gradations.

can you see the 9 patch blocks??

There were alot of animal themed quilts

The crows were adorable!!  One vendor sold the kit if you wanted to make your own.

This one had a lot of cool animal fabric in it

This was quite simple but the embroidered kitties were adorable!

I'm not a big Baltimore Album quilt fan, but these two were cool.

I LOVED the fabric in this one!  The top one shows the entire quilt but this small portion shows off teh fabric colors better.

The size of the individual blocks were HUGE!!  I figured abt 2 FEET each!

Another quilt with great fabric was this house quilt.


I loved the fabric in this one as well

Come back tomorrow to see what was Best of Show.

And if you've made it this far looking for the feline portion of this post, I didnt forget.
I prefer my fuzzy wuzzy bear to those quilts.


Linda said…
Another great kitty pic Lynn.

Anonymous said…
I think the crow one is my favorite. But, the 9 patch that fades colors is awesome!

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