Outside my window... it was rainy from the time I woke up to abt 2pm.  Now it's sunny-ish (sun is setting so not as bright as before) and cooler.  We're at 66 right now.
**I started this at 7is.  It is now 9pm.  It has taken me 2 hours to finish this post. 

I am thinking...that Baby Girl should have cut up her strawberries before she dipped them in chocolate.  She is a mess!

I am thankful... for chocolate covered strawberries!!  They are in season and cheap so we've been buying a lot lately.  Melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips and you've got a YUMMY dessert!

In the kitchen... I am going thru some cooking magazines to 1)try something new   and 2)try to weed thru some of the stacks of magazines I've got!  Tried a Taco Bake tonight for dinner.  Consensus?  The IO said it wasnt horrible, #1 Son said it's not his favorite but he'll finish it, Baby Girl said it was better as a dip than dinner.  I liked it at first but as I got close to the end it wasnt that great.  One recipe down,  four to go.  I figure we'll either find a new favorite recipe or the old favorites will be a welcome change!!!  Tomorrow is another beefy casserole dish with cream of mushroom soup mixed in and topped with tater tots.
**The IO has changed his mind to this meal being one of the top three of disgusting things he's ever eaten.  "Sorry."  No problem.  I didnt like it either.  However I apparently didnt feel as strongly as he did.  And #1 Son has informed me that he does not like layered food.  Other than lasagna.  I think I'll be making the pork chops tomorrow before I do another "layered food" dinner.  Or I'll just order take out and be done with it all!!!  LOL 

I am t-shirt and tan shorts.

I am creating...not much.  I did make a little stretchy cover for my camera

but I'm not a big fan of it.  It's too big.  The more I knit with the kitchen cotton, the more I'm realizing it's best for the kitchen.  My favorite camera cover was made with (Dee dont look!) Cascade Fixation.  *SOME* dont care for this yarn (yes I'm looking at you Dee!), and while knitting with this yarn takes some getting used to (it's got elastic and you have to be careful not too pull too tight), it makes great cup holders and head bands.  It does NOT make good socks.  I've made two or three pairs with this yarn and it strinks terribly over time.  I still have a couple of balls of Fixation and I may have to make another camera cover.  If it goes well a sunglass case will follow.  And then another headband.  Baby Girl LOVES the deep purple one.

I am going... thru some piles of stuff in my bedroom and it's amazing how much stuff there is!!!  It seems the more I keep digging, the more stuff I keep finding!  I'm moving some things back into my craft room, and others will stay in here.  My knitting is in a time out since I seem to be ripping back more than I'm knitting.  The camera cover was ripped and reknit twice, and I'm still not happy with it.  The slipper socks have been started and ripped out twice.  It's back in the bag to think abt what it's done.  Instead I decided to pull out my stitching and put in a couple of strands of white in my sheep.  I may put in another strand later tonight. 

I am wondering... how long the IO will tolerate the casseroles for dinner.  He's never been a big fan and two in a row may be too much for him to handle.
**After tonight's meal, not sure what he'll think of the other one.  Oh well, it wont stop me from experimenting!!  (insert maniacal laugh here)

I am reading...I'm back to fan fiction.  Short stories under 3000 words seem to be the best fit for me right now.

I am hearing...the tv show Switched At Birth.  Actually I'm watching it.  It's a show you need to watch.  They have a lot of subtitles due to the sign language they have in the show.

I am looking forward to...getting thru the piles in my bedroom.  They've been sitting too long.

I am keep up the momentum of getting  rid of the piles.  I just need to be strong enough to get rid of the stuff I dont use.  THIS is the hardest part.  I did get rid of a garbage bag full of junk so that's a start.

Around the house...still havent planted anything. 

I am pondering...the chances of getting my goals done that I have set for myself this month.

A favorite quote for today...
kind of funny to post this quote after questioning the ability to meet my goals!

One of my favorite cell phone.  I dont know how I did it before I had one. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:  some volunteer work and getting the house ready for my in laws.  I'm VERY happy they are laid back.  If they were the white glove kind, we would NOT get along......

A peek into my day...
When I went to JoAnn's with Baby Girl for her tiara, I had to walk thru the yarn section.  I ALWAYS walk thru the yarn section when I'm at JoAnn's.  This time I found something new.  Lionbrand Bonbons.

There were three different kinds hanging up but this set just kept calling my name.  Since I had a coupon just itching to be used, it was a win/win!  It's kind of hard to tell the cuteness of this package by this picture.  Let me give you a reference for scale.

They are itty bitty and Oh So CUTE!!!!  I have NO idea what I'm going to do with them, but for now I just pull them out of the basket and look at them.  The colors soothe me.  I will have to find something equally as cute to make.

If you want to play go here and leave a comment so I can check yours out.


Anonymous said…
Okay ...I can agree that Fixation would probably be good for a camera cover (or headband), but for socks :::shudder:::

I bought a different kind of stretchy yarn at Sip & Knit today. Diversity. It's an acrylic blend and the sample sock was really nice. Let's see how I like actually KNITTING with it though.
Jennifer said…
Awww - that bonbon is so adorable. I don't know what I'd make with it either... but it's so cute. Why is everything small so darned cute?
Karen said…
I liked reading about your experiments in the kitchen. Every so often, I go through my recipes and try something new. It becomes a keeper or 'throw it out'. Either way, it feels good to do something new.

I LOVE your blog about socks!!
Linda said…
Another great daybook post Lynn. Love the new yarn you got.

kathy b said…
I am crazy about my cell phone too.....what did I do without it. Ive had it since november.....I love the thing.
you have a definate jones for yarn lol!

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