Monday Morning Update

The IO reloaded the computer.  Since then I cant add any pictures to the computer (it doesnt recognize the camera), my sound is wonky and while I can receive emails, I can't email out.  It's been a fun wknd.....

(edit to add I now have a recognizable camera!!!)

Actually it wasn't bad.   Ok it was interesting.  We had our annual Father/Daughter Dance.  As usual it was filled with excitement and drama!  (it's a bunch of girls, of COURSE there's drama!).  We had an issue with Baby Girl's dress on Wednesday and since the dance was Friday, off to the mall we went!  (drama)   We found three dresses (YEAH!) out of 30 (yikes!) that she actually liked, but they werent as nice as the one she REALLY wanted to wear (DRAMA).  However we DID have a dress so tragedy averted (phew!).  Thursday was shopping for shoes (outgrew the old ones) and accessories (every girl needs a tiara) (thank goodness for JoAnn's and their coupons!)  Friday was getting her hair done. 

Since this was her last school dance until the prom (they dont do any in middle school here) we wanted to go out with a bang.

Plus I'm terrible with a curling iron and I didnt want either of us burned.

We made it!!!!!

She had fun which made it all worthwhile.  Meanwhile I'm an officer of the PTA and had to deal with lack of change for a side fundraiser (not my idea), being called evil for said fundraiser (gotta love dads!) and having another dad scream at us for playing a song about condoms for little girls (he misunderstood Gangnam Style as condom style). 

This made the beer at Chili's afterward that much more tasty!

Saturday we went to a musical put on by the local youth theatre troupe.  Both kids had friends in it that they wanted to see and all I can say is that these kids have talent!!!  Not just your *aw these kids are so cute and talented*, but real *I could see them in the industry* talent.  It will be interesting to see who moves on......


Anonymous said…
Parents are the reason I no longer substitute teach. The KIDS were fine. But, oh my gosh ... some parents really need to be kept away from school for the sanity of the teachers and office staff.

Baby girl looked so beautiful. I knew from that day at Wendy's that she was going to be a girly-girl. Looks like I was right. ;-)
Jennifer said…
She looks so beautiful! All Glammed up.

Love the comment about the misunderstood Gangnam Style. What a hoot!
Linda said…
Your daughter looks so pretty. She looks are happy and excited. Not sure about dad. lol

Lifesastitch said…
I think Baby Girl is all grown up. So sweet! When I first heard the song I thought it was gang man style.
Vivian said…
I didn't realize the amount of work required to put a girl in a dance party (really should have!). We have middle school graduation and dance to look forward to, at least they don't have to have dates.

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