Saturday Sky

The windows are open and the breeze is airing out the house.  It's also airing in lots of pollen!  This is why they make Zyrtec.

Looking up, this is what I see.

The sky does definitely change throughout the day, this AM it was a deep blue and no clouds at all.  Wonder what it will look like around 7pm?

I did mention that I would post the Best in Show from the quilt show yesterday, but there were a couple more that I wanted to share as well.  If you are familiar with quilting, then you've heard of paper piecing.  It's where you sew fabric to paper following a pattern.  It allows you to get a little more detailed while keeping sharp corners and points.  There were two that stood out to me.  This one is of flower baskets.

LOVING the fabric choices!

The other is of forest animals. 

she did a FANTASTIC job!!!!

LOVE the detailed work on all the animals but the raccoon really stood out!

Ok so the winning quilt.  It's definitely not a quilt that you would curl up with on the couch with the cat or dog.  It's a quilt that you hang up occasionally to keep it from getting dirty.

She did an incredible job!  The details were amazing and the different creams really gave it life.   It was gorgeous! 

That being said, I still prefer the old flannel quilt that's been used and abused.  Those are always the ones that bring comfort and warmth. 

Hope you've enjoyed the virtual quilt show as much as I did.  Tomorrow I hope to post some knitting progress (sort of, lately there's been more ripping than knitting) and some new yarn stash. 

If you have gorgeous weather, get out in it!  If not, curl up with a good book, a good cup of tea or a fun project.  If you've got books on tape you can do all three!!!!


Jennifer said…
Wow! Those quilts are amazing. I'm enthralled with the forest animals quilt. That racoon's details are truly spectacular. Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Best in Show really is beautiful! I love her detail work.

I'm with you .... more ripping than progress this week.
stitcherw said…
The quilts were beautiful. I love looking at them and so admire the people who have the patience to make them. Funny though, when I've talked to various quilters they say they can't understand how I have patience for counted cross stitch, guess it takes all kinds :)
Thanks for sharing, Sue
kathy b said…
Oh my goodness the Forest Animals are such a treat. So lovely. So fascinating to the eye.
I have never seen one like it.
Thanks for the beauty on this grey Chicago morning.

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