Saturday Sky

Well while some of you are buried in snow, we hit a high of 85 under a cloudy sky. 

Too warm for my liking but thankfully we will be cooling down as the week goes on. 

Cilantro and basil are still coming along

and the wildflowers and sunflowers are sprouting.

So far so good.

It's been a busy morning,  I was out and about by 9:30am and didnt sit down until 4pm.  I went grocery shopping, cleaned my fridge before I loaded it back up

and then made some chicken noodle soup.

Baby Girl has been fighting something the past couple of days and today it's winning.  She sounded like a frog earlier today and it made me want to make some soup.  It's my grandmother's recipe, and it took me a few tries to get it right, but tonight's soup was like she made it. 

Grandma's Chicken Soup

1 pound carrots
1 package celery
1 large onion
1 bullion cube
minced garlic

Rough cut carrots, celery, onion and brown them up in some butter in large stock pot.  Add garlic (I just took a scoop and tossed it in).  Cook a couple min more.  Meanwhile melt bullion cube in two cups water (I nuked the water for 2 min and mushed the cube in it).  Add chicken, water with bullion cube and more water to cover chicken by a couple of inches into the pot.  Cover and boil for 1.5 hours.

I added some egg noodles and it is YUMMY!!!!   It's VERY basic, but that's what I like abt it.  Perfect when you are sick. 

And since I missed Feline Friday, here's a little Hemi to get you thru the rest of your weekend.

are the scary ppl gone yet??


Anonymous said…
Peek-a-boo Hemi! Adorable!

Well, once can not say you have been idle. From the sound of it, you've been busy, busy, busy. Good luck with your herbs and sunflowers. :)
Anonymous said…
Hope your sweetie-pie is feeling better soon.

Love the picture of Hemi.
kathy b said…
Hemi is so darn cute .

I will someday have a yellow tabby male cat. I think they are the cat's meow.

Jealous of your warmth and seedlings! still very cold here. expecting snow today
Linda said…
Thanks for the chicken recipe. I'm gonna give a try.
Thanks for my Hemi fix sorta. lol
I just love that little guy. Need to see more.


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